Tuesday, June 30, 2009

swimming yet again

I think that Bubba was meant to spend his days in the water. He LOVES it. We went swimming again this afternoon, and we took some more video and pictures of him swimming. In the video, he is holding onto the side of the pool and just playing. I think he is trying to climb out, but if you pulled him out, he would throw a fit and want to get back into the water. Silly boy! And I have to admit, swimming is SO much more fun with Bubba! It makes me want to go every day! LOL. So enjoy!

Friday, June 26, 2009

confessions of a stay at home mom..

Yep Yep..
  • I am hopefully running a 5K next week. I have been trying to run and train for it, but it hasn't been going so well. I did something to my hamstring, but I believe it is better now, and last time I ran, I had a small asthma episode and had to quit early. Blech. But if all goes well, I will be running one next weekend! YAY!
  • I have this urge to go through everything in my storage unit and sell everything possible. But I don't have the motivation to go and do it.
  • I am having a really hard time running a photography business when Sam is gone all the time. When he is gone, I am taking care of Bubba, the only time I can edit, is when he is sleeping, of which I usually am trying to clean or do other things around the house that need to be done. And then when Sam gets here, I could usually leave Bubba with Sam for an hour or two, and get editing done. But now when Sam gets here, he wants my time and attention too, so when Bubba goes down for a nap or to bed, Sam wants my attention, which doesn't let me edit either! I have things that should have been edited weeks ago, and I can't get them done. It really makes me wonder about doing photography for now.
  • I hate losing people. It tears me up inside, and makes me sick. Especially when I lose someone for no reason whatsoever. The only thing I can tell myself, is that as long as I can stand and say I did nothing wrong, then I will get through it.
  • I watched a midnight movie the other night and it KICKED MY BUTT! We went and saw Transformers, and WOW. It was a good movie, but towards the end of it, my eyes were burning, and I just felt sick. I don't know if I will be going to another midnight movie for a while. Haha.

Alright, I will end with those for today. Enjoy!

Water Baby

Yesterday was a nice enough day that we went swimming. They have a pool here called Farmington Pool (catchy huh) and so we went. Sam, Bubba, and I took my sister and her friend Aubrey with us. Because you know, the more people you have, the funner it is! So we took them along with us, and went swimming. It was a LOT of fun!! This is the first time Bubba has really been swimming in a big pool this year. Last time he went, he was probably 5 months old. So it was fun to see how he would act this time. He absolutely loved the water. We have this inflatable crab that we bought last year. Bubba would always fall asleep in it. He fits a lot better in it this year, and he loved just floating there. We took him out of the crab, and he turned into a water baby! He was trying to dance in the pool, and seeing him try to walk in the water was a sight to see! Then he tripped and went under. Scared the SNOT out of me! I didn't let him go after that, but apparently, he thought it was funny, as he kept dipping his head down so it went under the water. He would pull it up blink his eyes, and then laugh. Silly boy! So here are some pictures:
Of course him in his crab. He wouldn't look at the camera.

Here is Bubba and me!

And here is Sam and Bubba

And here is a video of him playing around. I was going to get more video, but my phone died, and that is what I was taking video with!

Anyway. That was our day yesterday! It was a lot of fun, and we can't wait until we can go back swimming! This also makes me want to get more toys for him to play with in the water. LOL.


Ok, so I don't know if it is Blogger, or my computer, or my connection, or WHAT. But I CAN NOT UPLOAD PICTURES!! IT is driving me crazy!!! So the post that I was going to put up yesterday, it wouldn't upload them. Now when I try to upload them, there is NO BROWSE button! What the..? So...as I sit here angerily trying to figure this out, I thought I would update you. BLech.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day

This is for the two guys in my life who mean the world to me.

My Dad:

My dad has helped me through a lot. He has always been there for me, and he means the world to me! He has graciously let us stay in his basement while we try to figure things out and get settled. Without so much as a complaint. He was there to band concerts, achievement activities, daddy-daughter dates, etc. So this is to thank him for being so wonderful!

My Hubby:

He is my life. He loves me, he cares for me, he is more than I deserve. I can't believe how lucky I am to have him in my life. And I can't express how LUCKY Bubba is to be able to call him dad. Which he does, ALL the time! I love to watch him play and interact with Bubba, and I usually have to let him do it, as I always try to butt in. Haha, but he does wonderfully. He is there for me when I am sad, and comforts me when he cry. When I am happy, he rejoices with me. I love him so so SOO much, and can't believe he's mine for eternity.

So for all you guys out there, and especially for these two in my life, I wish you a Happy Father's Day! You deserve the best!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Is it Friday already?

Wow..the week sure goes by fast...
  • I hate mornings. Ok, so maybe hate is too harsh of a word. But I really really loathe them. And even though I know I have to wake up early in the morning, I still can't bring myself to go to sleep early to get enough sleep. If I had it my way, I would wake up at 10:00 or later every day.
  • I love movies. I could watch at least one movie every day!! But I haven't had the chance to. And when I do, I usually watch the same movie for a few days.
  • I live through Music. If I am in any kind of mood, I can usually find a song that relates to how I am feeling. There have been many times that I have sat Sam down, and had him listen to a song to show him how I feel at that time. It portrays my emotions better than anything.
  • I met up with some people the other day, who I have a huge connection with, and I had SO much fun! It actually made me feel like I had some good friends. Even though it was the first time that I had met some of them!
  • I want to go to a beach. And we should be going in August!! YAY! I can not tell you how excited I am to go! I miss it..
  • I love to Vaccum. Is that weird? I love listening to things get sucked up the tube. Yeah, I'm odd.

There we go. Enjoy!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Little toes..

This here...this kid right here, can you see him? This little kid right here in this picture is a sweetheart. I love him. And what do you ask is he doing in this picture?
He is screaming. That's right. S.C.R.E.A.M.I.N.G. This is something that he does lately. And sometimes, it makes you cringe away, like nails going down a chalkboard. It is loud, sudden, and usually followed by laughter. BUT, I still love him anyway. And here is another reason that I love him...
His sweet little toes. Toes that I could just eat right off. (Don't worry, I won't...) Little toes that he wiggles into my face so I can nibble on them. Little toes that walk up and down the stairs now, holding on to my hands, little toes that try to tickle me when I snuggle him to sleep, little toes that he can somehow still suck on to keep clean, little toes that make my heart melt. I love little toes.
And I am sure glad that I have those little toes to love. Along with the little boy attached to them. Of which I love even more.

Friday, June 12, 2009

I have a Confession to make...

That's right, time for confessions...what to confess, what to confess..
  • According to my mother, I have an uncanny ability to remember lines from movies that I have only seen once. Sam and I went and saw UP last week, and we came back, and I could quote a few different lines from the movie. In fact, any movie that they brought up, I could quote at least one line from. It's strange. I LOVE movies, and I remember them from lines. I'm weird, I know.
  • I wish I had $5,000. And not for what I thought I wanted it for. At first I wanted to use it to spend on clothes, and just a big shopping spree. But now I just want it to get out on our own.
  • I love taking pictures, but I think that I undersell myself. And I am having a really hard time with this. I have had a lot of people tell me that I don't charge enough for my pictures. But I don't have enough business as it is. So why up my prices. I don't know..I go back and forth...
  • Bubba has a doll. I know, I know, he's a boy, and he shouldn't have a doll. But I digress...he does. And he loves it. I can't take it away from him. He will pull it out, and put it in my arms. If I try to set it off to the side, he will pick it up and put it back in my arms. He gives it rides on his truck, and he kisses it. He LOVES to kiss it. He is always kissing the doll on the head. It all has been very sudden..like within the last 2 weeks. Think he's trying to tell us something? lol
  • I am exhausted. And I miss Sam. I hate Friday nights. Boooo.

I am heading to bed. Enjoy!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Weekends (TAKE TWO)

Ok! I finally was able to get these photos to upload! Oooohhhhh Yeeeaaaahh. So here is what we did this weekend. Friday of course started with the Thunderbird preview, which I have previously mentioned. But THIS time, I am not going to post pictures of the jets, no sir-e, I am going to post some pictures of Bubba, my nephew DK, and me! That's right. Hold on to your hats..
Here is Bubba looking like Shrek. If only they were green.... And on another note, he would NOT keep these things in!! Anytime I put them in, I would try to distract him, and then he would be right back trying to pull them out. Silly boy.

Here is DK with his cool looking earplugs. Seriously, this is the way to go!

And here is Bubba and I. Again, another picture with him NOT looking at the camera. Man, do I have him trained. Haha.
And then on Saturday, I caught a ride down with my brother in law and his new wife to go down to my Niece's baptism. Her name is Sierra, and she just turned 8. Here she is.
Seriously a doll huh! Well, she was baptised on Saturday. Well, on our way down, we got caught behind an accident that ended up closing the freeway! So we had to get off, and I ended up missing the baptism, but was able to be there for the rest! After that we went out for a luncheon up the canyon. Hamburgers, and Hot Dogs on a grill. PERFECT! It was SO much fun!
And then this brings us to Sunday. A day that I really didn't do anything! I went to take a nap while Bubba was sleeping...and he woke right up. So not really a nap for me! Rats. But that's ok. We have been enjoying thunderstorms and lots of rain the last few days, so not a lot of playing outside unfortnately! But we will hopefully remedy that soon. Alright. Now that I got it to post, let's hope that cyperspace doesn't eat it when I hit publish. Everyone cross your fingers...

Monday, June 8, 2009


There will be an upcoming post about this weekend...I am trying to upload pictures, but it is not currently letting me...hmm...

So I thought I would let you know that I am working on it. Haha.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Air Force Week

This week was Air Force week, and it is ending by having a big airshow out at Hill Airforce Base. We were lucky enough to have the Thunderbirds come in and do a show. Now, the what I know about the Thunderbirds, is that they only travel to 3 airshows every year. And every OTHER year, they come to HAFB. Which I think is pretty cool. So anyway..
My mom and dad were Emergency Service Volunteers out there today, and they had a special pre-show yesterday for family of those volunteering, and also veterans, disabled, etc. So we were able to go out yesterday and watch thim perform. That was pretty cool. Bubba didn't care for them that much. He got a little excited when he finally noticed the planes, but the noise and such didn't bother him. Thank heavens! So I was able to take some pictures. Here are a couple for your enjoyment!

They were seriously SO fun to watch! And I am hoping that I might be able to watch a little bit of their show tomorrow. YAY!! Enjoy.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Friday Night Confessions

Time for confessions again. Aren't we all excited? Just say yes, and no harm will come...
  • I was reminded today of a childhood dream I had. I always wanted to be a pilot. And not just any pilot, I wanted to fly fighter jets. F16's and all that jazz. Now that I know I won't be a fighter pilot, I can hope to fly as a passenger in one one day. We watched the Thunderbirds in their practice run today before the big air show over the next couple of days. WOW. I loved it.
  • I don't know where I want to go with my life. I am doing what I want to do, which is being a mother. But I don't know where my life is going. And it scares me.
  • I really really really like eating at Cafe Rio. They are at the top of my list along with Olive Garden. Their sweet pork salad is to DIE for! And I have seriously died a million times to get one! Ok, maybe not a million, but at least a thousand. Yeah, ok, so I haven't died yet, but it's the thought that counts...
  • I have been running a few times over the last few weeks, and when I don't go running at night, I miss it. I actually really enjoy running, it clears my head, and makes my body feel great.
  • I have had 2 miscarriages before we turned to adopting our little one. This was amongst 5 failed Artificial Inseminations, and 3 In Vitro Fertilizations, and many many MANY months of fertility drugs. Most people will think that that is not a lot, and that I shouldn't complain about it, because there are many people out there who have had more than that. But it still hurts. I hate it. I still have days where I cry over it. They are fewer and far between, but they are still there.

And I think I will end with those... I am anxious to let my head meet my pillow. It's been missing it..

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Haircuts and other things...

Today we gave Bubba his second hair cut. His hair was getting fairly long, and when it was wet, it looked like he had a mullet. Haha. Seriously. So we cut it again, and now he looks like a little boy again. Growing way to fast out of this "baby" stage. I have a toddler, and I don't think it will sink in until he is almost a teenager. But I went out and took some pictures of my sisters the other day, and we of course took Bubba along. So here he is!
This is his blowing kisses. He doesn't use his hand all the time, and will just give out kisses. SO cute!!

Here he is actually LOOKING at my camera! I am going to try and edit this one..I LOVE it.

Same with this one. He is looking at me like "seriously mom...what's the point?"

And this is him smelling the flowers. He smells flowers all the time! We had a vase with a rose in it, and he was constantly taking it off of the table, sitting down on the floor with it, just so he could smell it. SO blasted cute.
So that is more of what we have been up to. Sound exciting? Ooohhh Yeeeeaaaaahhhh. Enjoy!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


I absolutely LOVE Summer! I love shorts, flip flops, ice cream, fireworks, BBQ's, picnics, parks, and swimming! We pulled out the little kiddie pool yesterday and filled it up. We had DK and Tabitha come over for some fun! Bubbe LOVED the water! I stuck him in and he would just stand in it, but splash, and play in it. He would try to get out every now and then, but then get right back in. I am glad that I have a water baby!! He loves the water and was soaked within a couple of minutes!! (No thanks to Uncle Curtis...)

He always tries to get my camera when I take his picture now. Silly boy!

Here he is getting out of the pool for a minute.

Splashing around.

But we had a lot of fun and will probably be pulling it out more often!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Yesterday I had the wonderful oppertunity to spend it with friends. I have had these friends since Junior High School, so for over 10 years now! Wow! And even though we don't get together all that often (like twice in 2 years. Haha) I still consider them some of my closest friends. We didn't get a lot of group like pictures taken, but I got some pictures of the kids. They were so fun! Bubba is not used to sharing toys, so it's interesting to see him and how he reacts with with kids. Usually he does ok, but when he has to share, he will usually throw a little fit, because he gets frusterated. Poor kid. Hopefully it is something that we will pass!
Here is all of us together. Last time we had a picture taken like this, we had 1 kid in it! Now we have 4!! So from left to right: Bubba (14 months), Me, Josh, Hadley (14 months), Elise, Adelyn (3 years), Michelle, and Nathan (10 months).
Here is Bubba. He looks concerned...
Michelle is getting "worked on" by all the kids. Haha
Adelyn She didn't want her picture taken..so I snuck one.
Here is Nathan, SOOO cute! Seriously one of the happiest babies I have ever seen!
And look at his BLUE eyes!! They were to DIE for!
Hadley. He had gorgeous blue eyes as well! And can you believe he is the same age as Bubba?! Seriously, they were born on the EXACT same day. He is SO adorable!
The colors aren't coming through on Blogger in these. They are brighter on my computer!
Thank you again Elise for letting us come to your house and play! Thank you Michelle for the ride out, and for being a listening ear. You are amazing. And Thank you Josh for putting up with all of us gals! We need to do this more often!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Hogle Zoo

So last week we went to Hogle Zoo. We went with Tanielle, Tabitha and our cute nephew DK. We had SOOO much fun! We haven't been to the zoo for a while, so it was a lot of fun to go, and even funner to go with family!! Here are some pictures.
Here we are at the Elephant Exhibit. Bubba is getting tired..he is starting to whine in this picture.

Here is Sam with Bubba. They are giving the bird $1. The bird took it out of Bubba's hand. He kept dropping the dollar bill so he could try and grab the bird. Silly boy!

Here is Tabitha and DK on the train!

And here are the 3 of us on the train. Bubba didn't want to look at the camera.

Aunt Tanielle and DK!

Here we are just setting out. Trying to make sure everyone is buckled and ready to go!

At the bird show. Bubba noticed everyone else clapping, and would start clapping and laughing. Haha.
So there we are. We had a lot of fun, and hope to go back! We loved seeing the animals, although they were sleeping alot! Oh well. We will go back again! Thank you Tanielle and Tabitha for coming with us!