Thursday, October 10, 2013

time to start again

"i need to write on my blog again, i've been really bad about it" 

"yes you have"

that was a conversation held with my mother the other day. 

it's been weighing heavily on my mind the last little bit. 

this urge, or need to write on my blog. 
to keep people updated. 
to just write. 

so here i am. 
i really don't think anyone reads this anymore. 
but if you do. thanks. you know..for sticking around. :) 

i suppose i feel the need to write again because things are changing so much, that i can't remember what i have going on from day to day, and i want to look back and be able to remind myself of things that have happened! 

i'll give you a quick rundown of what's been going on the last few months. 

let's see...

we went to california and spent a week at a family reunion in the ever amazing city of el cajon and san diego. 
we also spent some time going up to newport beach, huntington beach, and legoland. 
and on the way back, spent a night in las vegas. 

i started a busy summer with photography, which has been great! 
we also decided to build a house. (are we crazy yet?) 

spent a great 4th of july with my family, and enjoyed the festivities. 
signed a contract to build our house. (eek!) 
photography got even busier. 
sam is enjoying his job. 
we celebrated ELEVEN years of marriage. :) 

we went through another miscarriage.
our house started getting built! 
it's a wonderful house out in tooele county. 
i know, i know. it's SO far away. but isn't. and it will be nice. 
i celebrated my 30th birthday. i am officially out of my 20's. 

i had a FUN road trip to california to photograph a wedding, and had the wonderful pleasure of having a friend come with. 
we also had a wonderful weekend with my family at strawberry camping and catching fish. 

bubba started KINDERGARTEN and i may/may not have cried (definitely). 
he's getting SO big. 
he is a chatterbox, and is non-stop. 
i seriously don't know where he gets his energy to go, go, go and not stop from the moment he wakes up to the moment he falls asleep! 
he lost his first tooth as well. 

school keeps us on a schedule.
our house is coming along SO fast! 
no trips this month. 
i had the opportunity to photograph 5 weddings this month. 
spending as much time as we can with friends. 

so far this month, sam enjoyed his birthday this last weekend. 
i sure love that man, 
bubba lost his second tooth. (seriously. stop growing) 
our house is almost complete. they are planning on finishing it by the end of this month, and we could be moving as soon as 3-4 weeks. 
i'm beginning to think that i'm not ready for this step. 

so there. are we caught up? 
know something that i missed? 

since we will be moving away from our family, and i won't be seeing my mother on a near daily basis. i am hoping that i can spend more time writing on my blog. 
hopefully it will include different things that we are doing to our home, and more photos of bubba, because i'm pretty sure that 99% of the people who read this blog only come here to see him. :) 

so, let's encourage me to keep writing, mkay? 
great thanks. 

enjoy your day. :)