Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Clearfield Pool...

So...on our vacation up to Kaysville, we had the chance to go to the Clearfield aquatic center with Chris, Tab, their son DK, Tanielle, Jackie and Curtis. It was a lot of fun to watch the little try to swim in the water!! This time, bubba didn't fall asleep...so we can only assume he had a lot of fun! So here are some pictures of him sporting his new swimsuit (still to big!!) and his sunglasses.
And this one, I just had to add because I LOVE his big toothless grin!!!
After swimming, we all went out to eat. We had to run home and kidnap our mom so she could come with us, and we headed to Wingers. (They have a pretty good gluten free menu) and enjoyed a dinner all together. The only one not able to make it was my dad. But we managed to have fun anyway. It was a fun afternoon and evening together, so YAY!!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Veteran's Pool..

So..this last Monday Mell's sister called us and asked us to go swimming. Since our day had consisted of waking up and doing laundry...we decided to go! So we went up to Veterans Park in Provo and it was a BLAST!! All of the kids would just go play in the water, and it was Bubba's first time swimming. He was so cute! I lathered him up in sun block and then we went and sat in the water. Here he is just after being lathered up:
And here we are in the water. He was FASCINATED by the water. He would just sit and stare at it and watch the light play on it.
Then...after about 20 minutes of watching the water, he decided he had had enough...so I leaned him back against me, and he was asleep within 2 minutes. So he slept for about 1/2 an hour when I decided to move to another pool. So here he is sleeping..
Can you tell he is enjoying it?
So that was our day on Monday. It was a blast! Then Tuesday, we headed up to Kaysville to see my family and give Sam a chance to study for some tests that he had to take in Logan on Saturday. I have a bunch of pictures from our trip up there, so that will give me a couple more things to blog about over the next couple of days. I will try not to bore you all with one GIGANTIC post!! So enjoy, and I will post shortly!

Friday, June 13, 2008

2 1/2 months

My baby is getting so big already!! I want him to stay little!! But it is so fun to watch him grow also! Let's see...what has he done lately...

This morning he discovered his toes. He LOVES to sit up with someone holding him, he will always try to pull himself up into a sitting position if someone is there. And this morning while I was holding him like that he just sat and watched his toes, and then he leaned down and grabbed his foot with his hand and then tried to suck on his foot! SOO cute!!

He has also discovered his head. He will take his hands and just rub his head and rub a fist in his eyes when he is tired. He is basically gaining a little more control over his hands. Which is fun to watch. If you put your face in front of him, he will try to hit your face. I love it, it is like he is trying to interact with us using his hands.

He is also giggling. Not just an attempt to giggle, but an actual giggle. He tries to do a belly laugh, but it comes out as a cough and it startles him. SO funny!

Something that I LOVE, is that he knows us. If we go out of the room and come back in, he will see us and grin and start trying to talk to us. But if someone else does it, he looks at them like "who the heck are you" but if they play for a just a second he will warm up and start smiling at them to. He also tries to get our attention if we aren't looking at him, and he sees us, he will start calling out for us to look at him. He will call out and then wait...if we still don't look, he will do it again until we do. I LOVE waking up in the morning and looking at him and the first thing he does is smile at me. Who wouldn't want to wake up to that in the morning?

Anyway...here are a couple of pictures, one from when he was just a few weeks old to one taken just this week at 2.5 months. See how much he has grown?! He isn't so little anymore! But yet, at the same time he is still little!! Anyway, enjoy!

You can see the black and white version of this earlier on in the post. This is our all time FAVORITE picture of him so far!! And it was taken at 11:00pm the other night when he wouldn't sleep!! Sam just keeps ooing and awwing over it, so I had to share! Enjoy!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Still Alive

So...this last weekend, we went on a mini vacation, and went to my nephew's birthday party, and up to Logan so Sam could take some tests. And I was informed by my mother that I need to update my blog more! So I will do my best to update my blog. I know that I am not very good at it, I figure that everything is the same ol' same ol' that no one wants to hear about it!! But I will try to be better.

So we went to my nephew's party on Sunday, and he was SO stinkin cute!! He just turned one, and he looked like he had a blast! He would go from one present to another, and had fun ripping the paper off. And then the cake. Oh goodness! He kind of looked at it like "what am I supposed to do with this thing?" and then started trying to eat it. He would pull it up to his mouth and try to bite at the edge. After a few minutes, he finally got his hands into it and just ripped it apart!! He ate almost the whole cake! He was so cute, he would take a bite and then look at people and start to laugh. I have some video of it that I might have to try to upload, we will see. He got so many toys and stuff that he will not be bored for a while!! So, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to him!!

We also got to stay with my grandparents up in Logan. We had our own room, and bathroom. It was nice to be able to spend time with them again. They enjoyed spending time with bubba, and he liked them as well! So that is always good. I also got the chance to eat my Grandpa's pancakes. He makes the world's BEST pancakes!! He also does bacon and eggs. But his pancakes and my grandma's homemade maple syrup are to DIE for!! I want to eat as many as I can when I am there!! They were so good! So thank you to them for putting up with us. ;-)

This week has been kind of slow for everything. Just kind of been hanging out, so there isn't much going on. My mom and sisters are going to be driving down tomorrow and we are going to go do some shopping so that will be fun! I will try to get some pictures of that. I realised that I don't really have any pictures of bubba with any family members, so I will try to be better about that.

Bubba has decided that he wants to try and roll over. It is cute, he curls his legs up and tries to turn to his side, most of the time he doesn't succeed but it is cute none the less. He is also starting to grab at toys that are within his reach. It is so amazing watching him grow right before our eyes!! He is such a good baby!! He sleeps from about 8/9pm to about 6/7am straight. He will then wake up hungry, we feed him and he goes down again until 9/10am. And then takes a couple of naps through the day. Can I tell you how LUCKY we are!! I just love him so much, and my love grows every day!!

Anyway...this is kind of a long post. Sorry no pictures, I don't really have any new ones to put up!! But I will try to be better about it!! Just keep on my if I am not doing my job!