Sunday, January 26, 2014


Asthma sucks. 
Big Time. 
And Bubba and I both get to experience this "wonderful" illness. 
With Bubba it makes his colds last twice as long, and any other illness it exaggerates it quite a bit. 
We've done breathing treatments and he has an asthma inhaler (which helps a LOT)

Well this morning, I woke up with one of the worst reactions I've ever had. 
I couldn't breathe. 
And when I could, it was very much just wheezing. 
Luckily the inhaler worked throughout the day and I can breathe better now. 
My chest and lungs just hurt. 
And I'm tired. So tired. 
But better. Which is good. 

And I just got thinking. I usually only post on here when we are sick. Which probably makes it seem like we are sick a lot. 
But we really aren't. We are healthy most of the time! 

Yesterday, we had some of our amazing friends come and visit us! 
I was SO excited for them to come! I got to take some photos of them, and we had a dinner, and it was absolutely WONDERFUL! 
I loved every.single.minute. that they were here! 
I am lucky to have friends that are absolutely perfect for my soul.

Here is a cute picture I took of their littlest who turns 1 here this week!!

So....if anyone wants to come visit us....PLEASE do!!