Monday, November 29, 2010

Snow Days

it snowed yesterday
bubba was in heaven. 

you see, bubba LOVES the snow
he could play outside in the snow all day if he could. and if you ask him if he's cold, he will look straight into your eyes, with his pink little face and say very resoundingly, 

he stares out the window saying over and over again
he throws the snow, kicks the snow, eats the snow, and falls down in the snow. 
seriously, he's like the complete opposite of me when it comes to snow. :) 
so yesterday, when it snowed all day, we tried to prevent bubba from playing in it while we went to church, and then finally when we came home, we let him dress up to go out back and play in it. 
he. was. in. heaven. 

here are some pictures of him out enjoying the snow. :) 

and can i say how much i love the holidays for the lights? such amazing bokeh!! 

 our christmas tree. i love it. :)

enjoy! :)

Monday, November 22, 2010

is there another?

it's late
and i'm thinking again
usually not a good combination, but ah well, it's keeping me awake.

you know, one of those can't sleep until you can think something through nights. 

i've been wondering lately if there is another little to join our family. 
i wonder if they are out there yet, watching us, and just waiting for the right moment to come into our little family. 
is there another birthmother out there, that would see us fit to raise their precious child? 

we already know that we are going to have to fight to get everything turned in for another adoption.
we already know that
and we are working on it with everything that we have in us. 

but what if this is it? 
what if, there are just going to be the three of us?

i can't believe it. 
i KNOW there is another one out there. 
at least one. 

so, if i know that there is another one, why do i have these feelings of doubt? why do the little "this is it" things keep coming into my head? 
why is it so dang hard to get to that point that we can just push through?

i am trying to be patient. i really am.
but it's hard to be patient when everything depends on someone else.
hopefully things will work out quickly, so we can get started with it again. 

anywho...thanks for letting me voice my thoughts. 
let's hope i can go to bed now. 
if not, i will be sitting here, 
and praying 
that there is another one out there.

haircuts and bumps

as you could probably tell in the last photo i put up of bubba, he needed a haircut
but like a good mother, i refused to cut his hair. 
why, you ask? 
because it was long enough that i could run my fingers through it
i didn't really have to do it, because would do whatever it wanted to anyway, and it still looked cute (at least to me :)) 

but i have a persistent husband.
who said we NEEDED to cut bubba's hair. 
fine. i gave in. 

and i think i cried. as long pieces of hair fell from his head, and then as bubba saw them and tried to put them back on his head. he wiggled. a lot. 
sam cut it, and although it looks ok, you could tell there was a little difficulty. and this is why i like to go somewhere to have it done. 
it is shorter than i would like, by a long shot, but oh well. 
hair grows back, right? 

and yesterday, while he was playing around at my parents house, he got a little too rambunctious, and fell into a corner of a wall. 
luckily it didn't split his head open, but i think if he had hit it any harder it would have. 
he now has a line of a bruise running down his forehead. luckily the bump is mostly gone, and he doesn't act like it is bothering him. 
so he wanted more pictures done today. how can i turn him down? here are a couple... 

see....still cute. :)

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Lazy Autumn Days..

yes, i changed it.
i believe it usually goes lazy summer days..but oh well
it's my blog and i can put what i want. 

this is what is on our agenda today
~watch movies
~update my blog (check!) 
~laundry (because bubba is on his last pair of underwear, and we have to be safe..)
~edit some photos
~burn more cd's for clients 
~watch more movies
~eat soup
~eat oreos
~stay in pajamas (or like bubba, just underwear, but unfortunately i'm not THAT carefree..)
~dishes, but they might wait
~and if i get to it, i might decided to finally make those curtains that have been waiting...

sounds like a busy day huh. i'm not sure if i'm going to be able to get it all done :) 
i guess only time will tell.

oh, and want to hear something exciting? i just won a $100 gift card to an online design shop. i am SO excited that i had to share it with you
just had to. 

let's see, i need to post some about adoption as well...
you need to go to THIS website and vote for your favorite adoption month button. :) 

alrighty peeps, i'm off to go crank out my to-do list :) 
enjoy your wednesday!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


i am at a loss as to what to write.. 
let's see
sam has finished training at his work, and is now out on the floor, or whatever he does 
bubba is growing up way to fast, as proof of this picture..(which by the way i absolutely LOVE)
and our adoption process is on hold.
yet again
i'm so tired of depending on other people for things to go through
i am tried of being taken advantage of
and i'm tired of being led on, only to be dropped again.
hopefully we can continue our adoption paperwork as soon as possible. but we just don't know right now.
what doesn't kill us will make us stronger right?
let's hope so, 
because i feel pretty weak right now

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Adoption Walk

for national adoption month, there is going to be an adoption walk! where you can go and walk with others that have had adoption bless their lives. 

we are hoping to be there. if any of you know us, we are not morning people (yes, i have made sam succumb to my sleeping in ways :)) so to get up and ready and into salt lake by 9:30 might be kind of tough, but we are going to try!  
the adoption walk is happening THIS saturday at 9:30 am at liberty park in salt lake city.

they are going to be having a bunch of things going on, such as food, prizes, balloons and lots of fun! so make sure you come and walk in celebration of someone you know and love who has been touched by adoption. 

the theme every year is 'orange you glad for adoption'...and prizes will be given for those that are wearing the most orange. so make sure that you take part in the fun and dress accordingly :)

come join in the fun, and try to pass the word along!! 
it will be fun :)

Monday, November 1, 2010

National Adoption Month

i attempted to do this last year. 

i didn't do so well. 

so we are going to try and do it this year. 

my goal was to do a post EVERY day about adoption.
SOME form of adoption (even it was just to post a picture of bubba :-))
yeah...not so much

and i would try to do the same thing this year, but let's face it. 
i know i can't do it. haha.
you've got to know your limits right?
let's come up with a new plan, shall we? my goal is to post on this blog 10 times this month about adoption. 
i should be able to accomplish this right? 
or at least, that's what i will tell myself. :) 

so, let me know, what does adoption mean to you? what questions do you have about adoption? i feel like i am pretty open about our adoption, and am willing to answer pretty much everything out there. so, feel free to ask away :) 

i will start by telling you what adoption means to me: 


means that i don't have to sit alone at home while my hubby works. 
it means that i have a full time job working 24/7. (i would like to see that overtime please :)) 
means that when a little boy gets an owie, i'm the one he runs to to make it better 
it means that i get to make those better, and make him smile. 
it means that my heart melts multiple times a day because of a "tank you mommy", or a "luuuv you mommy"
its means waking up at night (sometimes multiple times) to check on a little boy when he's sick. 
adoption means i have an even larger family than most, we gained a lot of sisters, aunts, uncles, etc. 
it means that disney movies are our movies of choice. 
it means e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g.
it means that someone, somewhere saw me fit to be a mother, and gave me the absolute best gift in the world. 
it means i'm a mother

and i wouldn't change it for anything. 

p.s. now it's your turn: what does it mean to you? what questions do you have? feel free to email any questions to if you want to ask anonymously. :) help me advocate adoption :)