Friday, January 28, 2011

Friday Night Confessions

well, it's been a while since i've done my confessions
shall we see if i can get back into them? 
maybe then you will get a new blog post from  me every week. haha

let's see. 

~i cut my hair this week, and i absolutely LOVE it. seriously. i know that a lot of people (including my hubby) likes it long, but it was driving me BONKERS. it's now short (short enough that it won't pull into a ponytail) and so easy to do. it's an a-line cut, and i'm in love. :)

~i want a minion off of despicable me. they look like they would be fun to have around. and also very encouraging. i think it would be fun. 

~my neighbors are better than your neighbors. it's about time i confess this. but honestly, they brought me dinner tonight, while i was trying to figure out what to cook. they made us a complete pizza, and brought it over to us. seriously. amazing. 

~i'm having a really hard time with people who lie lately. if you don't have the guts to tell me the truth about something, don't lie about it. i'll find out. 

~my favorite disney movies growing up, were beauty and the beast, snow white, and cinderella. and can i tell you how excited i am that lion king will be coming out this year? 

i think i will end there. 5 seems like a good number to start with again. :) 
so, please leave me some comment love, so i feel encouraged to keep this up. :) 
oh, and i will try to post a picture with every post from here on out. these are of my new hair. 
told ya. LOVE.IT.

enjoy :)

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

the ants.

we have ants in our place. 
i can't stand them
they sneak in from the MIDDLE of our apartment (where the water heater and furnace are) and if ANYTHING gets on the floor, they will come a crawlin. 

which doesn't help with the spider issue. but that's a different post for a different day. 

well, bubba has always been fascinated by the ants. he picks them up, and lets them crawl on him. 
he also picks them up and comes in and throws them at me. 
i think you know how i feel about that. 

and then he went through a faze where he wanted to kill all the ants. 
and i would hear him in the kitchen yelling at them to "go away" and then it would proceed with hitting the floor.
(i know, i taught him well.)

well..this is what happened today. 

i was in making dinner (first time EVER using our crockpot that we got for christmas!) and bubba thought he was being ever so helpful in sweeping the floors. 
since we have to sweep a lot to keep the ants away
so he was sweeping the floor, and had a nice little pile going, and then i hear 
"oh no!"
i turn around to look at him, and he's squatting on the floor, picking up the ants. 
next i hear
"it's ok, it's ok"
i turn to look at him again, and he's KISSING the ants, and trying to hug them. and i hear
"i luw you, it's ok"

so yes, the ants will probably continue to live with us, because bubba loves them. :)