Saturday, March 29, 2008

Something Perfect...

So, a couple of weeks ago Sam and I bought a book by Michael McLean about adoption. It has 6 different songs on it that give the perspective of the birthmother, her family, the adoptive couple, and the child. There was one called "The Gift we Could Not Give Each Other" and there is this one. As I was sitting here listening to the songs, this one struck me like nothing else as I looked into the perfect little eyes of my son...

Something Perfect

There's an ache that's missing today
There's an emptiness that's been filled
There's a cloud that's lifting and drifting away
There's a ragin' storm that's been stilled
There's a joy that's real
There's a wound that's finally healed
There's a future replacing the past
There's breath of new life in the cast

And there's something perfect happening here
And this moment will bury the mountains of fears
And through countless tomorrows
It won't disappear
This something that's perfect
Happening here

No one knows, so no one can say
That tomorrow all will be well
Will the brightest promise that shines on today
Shine tomorrow? No one can tell
But one thing is sure
And will be forever more
When such unselfish love has been given
The world just made more room for heaven

And there's something perfect happening here
And this moment will bury the mountains of fear
And through countless tomorrows it won't disappear
This something that's perfect
Happening here

Friday, March 28, 2008


We had placement yesterday so the little guy is with us now! We are SO excited to be parents!

So, we survived our first night together!! We were ready for this absolute horrible night of sleep! But we fed "buddy" at about midnight (our normal bedtime) and laid him down in his bassinet. He promptly fell asleep, and didn't wake up until about 4 in the morning. So Sam got up and fed and changed him. After that, we put him back in the bassinet and he didn't wake up until 10:00. AHHH!!6 whole hours! We were kind of shocked when we saw what time it was, but he was content! And we are hoping that this trend continues...but are doubtful.

We also took him to the pediatrician, and they weighed him. He is now just about back to his birthweight weighing in at 7 pounds 15 ounces. Big eater! He has gained at least 2 ounces a day for the last few days. Yay!! Also, he is perfectly healthy! Everyone just kept commenting on how cute of a baby he is, and we tend to agree...

He also LOVES to look around! His eyes are a deep blue color, and he will just lay there and look around at everything. It is SO cute!

Well, Sam has to go back to school (BOO!!) And so he will have to leave on Monday. So my parents will be coming up to help me out so I am not alone and I can still get some sleep. We are looking at having to stay up here for at least 3 more days...Hopefully we can leave the middle of next week!

Oh, and everyone tells us that it only snows a couple of times up here in Portland...well it has snowed 3 days in a row up here! They were requiring chains on the highway out to the coast! That is just crazy!! Hmm...we might have to make a vacation up here during a WARMER part of the season!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008


So, I know all of you have been waiting for more pictures of the little guy, so I thought I would share some of my favorites. These are from when he was only about 1/2 an hour to an hour old. And the one with his Easter Outfit was taken on Monday. So enjoy!

He did NOT like being uncovered!!

This is him in his little Easter outfit..
And here is the three of us. This was taken Sunday afternoon.
We are now waiting for placement to happen, which should be tomorrow! We will see how things work out! Enjoy!

Monday, March 24, 2008


So out little guys was born on Easter Sunday! March 23, 2008 and is PERFECT!! He weighed in at 8 pounds, and was 20 inches long. He is passing all his tests with flying colors and can't be any better! We are on cloud nine. Whenever we get to hold him, we are in heaven. Lost in that little face! YAY!!! I don't have time to update much right now, but I thought that I would update it at least.

We had some pictures taken at the hospital today, so here is the link to see them!
Click here!!!
(you will have to copy and paste the address. Sorry!!)

Friday, March 21, 2008


So, I really don't think I am going to be able to stand all this excitement! I can BARELY contain myself! It is taking everything I have in me to not be jumping around our apartment!! (although I will admit, I did that it might be out of my system a little...) I really just can not wait! I think that I should go to sleep and just sleep for the next 38 hours! Because then it might come faster!!


But I bought a book yesterday called "Twilight" by Stephanie Meyer. I bought it just to keep me occupied while I went up to the school with Sam to keep him company for some homework. Well...I ended up staying up until after 4:30 in the morning reading! :-O And then I just had to finish the book today (note: this book has 498 pages) and I read it in about 16 hours. (6 of those hours I FORCED myself to sleep! I actually had to put the book in another room!!) I forgot how much I LOVE to read! It was awesome! doesn't help that I want to go out and buy the second book in the series...but I will do my best to resist. But that was something that passed some of the time! But now I have no book to read.... so sad.

Something else that I wanted to point out. I have had SO many people ask us if we are nervous at all. I am suprisingly not. I usually get SO nervous so easily!! But I haven't been nervous yet! (well, except when we met our birthmother, because I was afraid of what she would think of me...) I guess my excitedness outweighs my nervousness? SO..I am not nervous yet (that might change at 7:00 sunday morning) and I hopefully will just be too excited to feel nervous at all! But YAY!! I can not believe it is almost here!! onto finding something to occupy my time....

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Before and After...

OK..So I CLEANED!!! YAY!! I know there wasn't much to clean upstairs, but I thought that I would take before and after pictures! Yay!

So here is our bedroom from 3 different angles


See...not much to do in that room! Now...the front room...



And if you thought that was is the KITCHEN dun dun dun...
(now you can't really see it, but our sink is FULL of dishes!!)
So there you go! That was my successful day cleaning today! Enjoy! I know I will be enjoying a nice clean house!


Anyone in Utah (or at least Northern Utah) will agree with this...why the heck is there SNOW?! On the first day of spring?! There are supposed to be budding flowers, and birds chirping in the air. But we wake up to snow on the ground! Of course it isn't much, and it stopped snowing and the sun is out now and so most of the snow has melted already. But STILL! Yesterday was such a nice day! The sun was out, and up here we even got to 60! It was SO nice! And today it is freezing! I am sitting here wrapped up in a blanket trying to stay warm.

And I am trying to get motivated to clean! I WANT to clean, I just can't get myself up to do it. Maybe I should ground myself from the computer until I get a certain amount done...Nah. Sounds too hard to do. :-)

Ok, well I will attempt to clean. I am going to take before and after pictures, and then hopefully show you my progress!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

My Mind and Allergies...

So...these last few days I have NOT been able to write, or talk! I keep messing up even simple words! It is like I have NO BRAIN! It is insane! I try to type, and it is taking me three times as long, because I keep spelling things wrong all the time! Now, I know it's normal for it to happen every once and a while, but this is like on EVERY OTHER WORD! It's insane!! And I just read through this, and found that I had repeated like 2 different things, so I had to go and change them! Yikes! I have a feeling that this is just going to get worse!

So, not only this, but my allergies are kicking in and making me feel awful! My eyes are red and puffy, and they ITCH like CRAZY!! And my nose is itching! I am driving Sam crazy, because I keep walking up to him saying "they itch!! make it go away!!" Maybe that is part of the reason that my mind is seeming to leave me. That and they make me tired, so I just want to sleep!

And I can not tell you how EXCITED we are for this next weekend / 2 weeks. It is going to be a very emotional, and exciting time for us! I will try to keep it documented so that I can share it later on in his life.

Also, the weather today was AWESOME! I actually drove in my car with the window down! It was GREAT! Too bad it is supposed to storm tonight and tomorrow. Bleh, but the weather was still nice today! And it is supposed to be up in the 60's all next week! But, alas, we will miss it as we will be in Oregon where there is rain 24/7. But that's ok, it is worth it!! So here is to hoping that SPRING is actually here!!!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

It grows...

So, as we thought, the list grows. Here is an updated list! (the new ones are in purple, red is complete and blue is in the process...)

*Find an Attorney - We found on AWESOME one here in Logan that will do wonderfully!
*Find a Pediatrician - Again, we found one that we have heard wonderful things about!
*Email our caseworker - We had to get some odds and ends tied up
*Check on Loan - Wanted to make sure we had a back up plan for finances
*Get insurance papers
*Fill out insurance papers and turn in....
*Finish website and go live
*Talk to Sam's teachers to make sure he can leave for 2 weeks
*Call on our 401(k)'s and close them out
*Call Landlord and clear everything up with him
*Get other neccesities for baby
*Chart all of our expenses on Excel so I don't have to do it later
*Clean every room in our house
*Organize everything in the baby's room, so I know where to find it
*Update registry
*Make a list of things we still need, and give it to mom :-)
*Get our birthmother her gift

I don't know if I will ever complete everything on the list! But having a list makes me WANT to do, because then I can cross it off and see progress!! Yay!!


Dun dun dun...
We have a "list"! Since we got home we have had this ever growing list of things that we need to do! We have accomplished many of them; but here it is (red means I have done it, blue means it is partly done, and black means I still need to do it!)...

*Find an Attorney - We found on AWESOME one here in Logan that will do wonderfully!
*Find a Pediatrician - Again, we found one that we have heard wonderful things about!
*Email our caseworker - We had to get some odds and ends tied up
*Check on Loan - Wanted to make sure we had a back up plan for finances
*Get insurance papers
*Finish website and go live
*Talk to Sam's teachers to make sure he can leave for 2 weeks
*Call on our 401(k)'s and close them out
*Call Landlord and clear everything up with him
*Get other neccesities for baby
*Chart all of our expenses on Excel so I don't have to do it later
*Clean every room in our house
*Organize everything in the baby's room, so I know where to find it

That is all that I have written down so far! If I am missing anything, PLEASE LET ME KNOW!! I want to make sure everything is set out! So there it is...The List...I am slowly starting to cross them off! But for what I cross off, I add another one to it! It started out with like 4 things I needed to do! Yikes! Enjoy!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Home Again!

Ok, so we made it home! Luckily we only spent about 10 hours on the road this time (we didn't take as many stops this time), but it was still a LONG drive! But we did see some GORGEOUS scenery! As we drove through the Blue Mountains, there was snow everywhere except on the roads. It had snowed yesterday or last night, and the trees were covered in white. Which just made it gorgeous, as most of the trees through there are pine trees. We watched a pretty sunset tonight, just outside of Juniper Idaho.

And we will be making that trip again shortly! We are planning on heading back up on Friday or Saturday of this week. And we will be experiencing a miracle on Sunday! This just happens to be Easter Sunday, but it will be the best one that we have ever had as our little boy should arrive into the world that day! YAY!!

In this trip to Oregon, we were lucky enough to meet Crystal. Crystal is our birthmother and an AMAZING person! She is SO sweet, and has such an awesome personality! We absolutely just love her! So here is a picture of our first meeting. We also went to a shower that her friends were throwing for her. That was neat to be a part of! We met some awesome people. And we just felt at home. It was great!

And here is a picture that I thought I would post of the two of us. This is us at Multnomah Falls. It was pretty windy, so don't mind the hair!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Oregon Coast...

OK, so we have been in Oregon for 3 days now and we LOVE it. I always knew that I loved it, but I had to convince Sam. And it only took a day. ;-) We went to the beach yesterday, and we went and saw some waterfalls on the way. So here are a couple of pictures for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!

I will have more up in a little bit!!

Monday, March 3, 2008

Done With Icon!

I can not tell you how thrilled I am to be done with Icon! There was so much that I just could not stand it there anymore! And with everything that is coming up, we decided that I would go ahead and quit! I feel AMAZING to not have to go there anymore! And I was able to accomplish SO much today! I cleaned a lot of my apartment, got a lot of things ready for baby, and just about completely finished my new website! YAY!!

So I am going to try and make it a goal to post at least once I week. I usually forget. (I know shame on me) So I will try to be better about it! I check everyone else's blogs, and I forget to update my own!

Also, I got my candle stuff today and my house smelled SO GOOD! So YAY for scentsy! If you are interested in any of it, or you live in Utah County and want to smell all of them, let me know and I will get you in touch with the consultant! The stuff is SO good! It took 10 minutes before my home started smelling good, and then I had to turn it off after an hour because it was so strong! But it is SO good!! I am very excited that I have 12 different scents to burn! YAY!!

Anyway, that is about it for my random blogging...hope you enjoyed!