Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Countdown is on

we will be leaving for Oregon in about 36 hours.


i wish that i lived in oregon. that is how much i love it.
(thank you mom and dad for the vacations that instilled this love into my heart)

there is still SOOO much to do. the list is endless.

laundry, clean, edit, a photoshoot tomorrow night, shop, deliver pictures, pack..

can someone come and do it all for me? pretty please? i will pay in cookies. :-)

and we have now lived in our apartment for 2 months. woo hoo! and i still don't have everything unpacked. haha. we are just about done with everything except for our bedroom. but then once everything is unpacked, i get to decorate. :-) any ideas are welcome.

oh yeah. why are we going to oregon?
(besides the beach calling my name..)

crystal is getting married. :-) that's right, friday she will be tying the knot to joey. i am so excited to be able to go up and take their wedding pictures.
to tell you the truth, i think i squealed when i found out.

we will be staying a couple of extra days to, of course, spend at the beach. :-) it has been calling my name over and over again, and i am so spoiled to have a hubby who gives in to my whims. :-)

anywho...36 hours and counting.

All things F...

this last weekend was the 4th of July. what comes with the 4th?






we had a blast. we went to the Kaysville parade on saturday, then we had a bbq at my parents house, and then fireworks. i always LOVE the kaysville fireworks.


sunday was spent singing patriotic hymns in church, and then dinner at my parents again, a FUN photoshoot with an exciting family, and then fireworks at my parents house. we made sure to spend a lot of time thinking about those who have served and are serving for us.

my brother being one of them

monday was filled with another photoshoot, and then fireworks in the evening. we went over to jackie and brandon's for those and then enjoyed games afterwards with them.

earlier on in the week, i had my sister's, my brother, my sister in law, and my nephew all come out for a little photoshoot i was trying to do. the picture at the top of this post is of my sister in law and my nephew.

ADORABLE aren't they?

i haven't had a chance to process all the images, because, well..i've been busy.

after we were all done, i had kaleigh grab a couple of shots of my little family (got to get us in every once and a while!)

anyway, we had a LOT of fun, and i can't wait for next year. :-)

Friday, July 2, 2010

FrIdAy NiGhT CoNfEsSiOnS

Yes, I know that by the time most of you read this, it will be Friday morning, or Friday afternoon. But it is Friday none the less, and I thought...

why not bring back Friday Night Confessions?

it's been a while..no?
(so please forgive me if I repeat a lot that I don't remember posting :-))

So....let's see what we've got.

~I absolutely love summer. I do. The warm sun, the thunderstorms, the warm night. The need to NOT sleep with blankets on. But i REALLY don't like how it makes my skin feel. Yuck. I don't need to put any moisturizer or make up on, and my skin feels disgusting.

~Bubba is starting to talk more, and I love it. This isn't really a confession I guess, just something I would throw in there.

~ My first kiss (REAL lip to lip kiss) was my hubby. We had been dating between 4 and 5 months. I had asked him to an Institute Dance, and he agreed. We went, and he kissed me on his doorstep when I dropped him off. I drove home in a cloud. And still do when I kiss him. :-)

~I love crab. Crab and Avocado sandwiches are absolutely DIVINE. I just have to ignore the itching on my tongue afterwards. :-)

~ If I were to ever get a tatoo, it would be on the back of my shoulder. And it would be a cool design of something. Not really sure what though...

~I grew up always wanting to pierce my ears a few more times. As I got older, I was glad that I didn't. But there are still times that I am tempted to go get them pierced again. (Don't worry mom, I most likely won't.)

~I am beyond ready to adopt again. Bubba needs a sibling, and I can't wait until we are ready to put in our papers again. Hopefully it's sooner rather than later.

~I have to tell Bubba at least once a day this. "Don't bite _(insert random body parts)_!!" Silly boy will bite his toes, and then exclaim "ow" and continue doing it while laughing. Makes me worried that he actually enjoys the pain! Silly boy.

Ok, I guess that will be all for now. Hope you enjoy :-)