Monday, March 19, 2012


this week is bound to get crazy. :) 
in a good way i beleve. 

you see, this week is bubba's birthday. 
he turns 4. 
any ideas on how to mentally handle your little getting bigger? 
because i'm going to need it. 
(yeah yeah, wait till he gos to kindergarten, or jr high, or high school, or his mission, or gets married..alright stop.)
 he can't grow up that fast.
i won't let him. 
or i will let let, and just cry about it. 
either way. 

he's so very excited for his birthday party. 
it's a SUPERHERO party. 
and i'm stepping into new territory with this birthday party thing. :/
but he's excited. so it's all worth it. 

aaaaaand, hunger games comes out this week. 
midnight showing baby. 
and i have an AMAZING husband, and mother who are going to go with me, and make it fun. :) 
(and an AMAZING sister who is watching bubba for the night)

i'm also in the process of contacting different people for various different things. 
and it feels like a million years between emails. 
even if it's only 5 minutes. :) 

i've made a decision. 
i'm going to veg. 
yes, you read that right. 
we are going to do nothing the next two days other than staying in pajamas (ok...we MIGHT get fully dressed) and watching movies and playing with friends. :) 
i think i'm just as excited about it as bubba is. 
we are going to spend the next couple of days, just us and friends. 
playing, relaxing, and enjoying. 
take that world. :)

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

play dates

yesterday was such a perfect day! 
it was warm, and delightful, and the sun was shining, there was a slight breeze, and it was just...
my good friend callie asked us if we wanted to get together yesterday and let our kids play. 
of course. 
it gets me out of the house. :) 
we ended up going to a park that is nearby and letting our kiddios play for about 2 hours. 
then we went back to her house and they played for another couple of hours outside. 
they had a blast, and i enjoyed the company of a good friend. 
i absolutely love her. i can be myself with her, and not feel like she is judging me. 
i just love her, and am SO thankful to have someone like her in my life! 

here's a picture documentary of our day 
(i'm going to try and do this more often, so i can have more pictures of bubba's daily life)

 after sam got home last night, we went to a couple of stores. 
here is a conversation we had as we passed toy's r us. 

bubba: i want to go to that store!!
me: aww..i know, but that store is closed!
bubba: i will talk to Jesus and he will open it. 
(i then look back at him, and he has his hands folded together, eyes closed, head bowed, and he's praying with all of his heart)
bubba: (whispering his prayer) please let that store be open so we can go in and buy more toys. 
me: (attempting to hold in my laughter, and enjoy this)
bubba: i talked to Jesus (in a VERY excited voice)
me: i'm so glad that you can talk to Jesus, but it's ok if the store is still closed. 
bubba: Jesus is gonna open it. 
me: He is? 
bubba: yes, he has the keys. 
me: it might not be open until tomorrow, is that ok? 
bubba: course. 

oh boy. 
although it makes my heart smile knowing that he knows he can talk to Jesus when he needs something (or even wants something). 
love it. :) 
have a great week. :)