Wednesday, May 25, 2011


 as mentioned, i got my new camera last week. and i am in love :) i made bubba play around while i took some pictures with it. and these are what i got. i absolutely love the colors, and the sharpness that i can achieve with this camera. love, love, LOVE. 
now i just need to save up for some new lenses as well. :) 
i tried to get bubba to jump onto the pillows to make it look like he was flying. 
i know, i'm the BEST. 
he tried it once, and said he didn't want to do that anymore. haha.
although, i absolutely LOVE the look on his face while doing it.
you can click on it to make it larger. :)
 then HE wanted to play with my camera. 
yeah..not ready for that one yet...
so he got mad. 
and cried.
 but then he got a juice, so he was happy again.
 i absolutely LOVE his eyelashes. 
i want them.
 then he got to have a bath. 
LOVE his blue eyes in this picture. 
 then i forced him to take a picture with me. :)
 he didn't want his picture taken anymore, so i took a picture of his new best friend, the dinosaur, instead.
such a cheesy grin. :)
 then he wanted to smother me in kisses. 
and you know...
i was ok with that. :)
and yes...most of the time, bubba and i are in pajamas all day long. :) 
don't judge me. 

Friday, May 20, 2011


alrighty then 

~i hate jurassic park. we are currently watching the second one, and i am reminded how bad i dislike those movies. poor cinematography and everything. bleh. i don't think i'm going to sleep tonight. i'll either be up with a scared to death 3 year old, or my own mind keeping me awake.

~i need an interior decorator to come and do a major overhaul on my house. it's sad. 

~ at this moment, i am starving. and i really want cheesecake. 

~i love business season for my photography. it keeps my mind off of things. 

~infertility sucks. 

the end.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

still here

i'm starting to get messages asking if i dropped off the face of the earth
nope. still here. 
thankfully, i have this little man to keep me going. 

and boy does he keep me going. 

but we are here. 
 i have really been struggling with our infertility again. 
i hate that it comes and goes. and when i think i am over it and past it, it rears it's ugly head again. 
4 years ago at this time, we were told that our chances of having biological children were one in a million chance. slim to none, and if i did become pregnant, i will miscarry, because of all the factors playing in.
boo hiss
so i am trying to go through that stage again and get past again. digest all the information...again.
i know that i will never fully get through it. it's something that i'm going to always be struggling with. but i just need a couple of days to come to terms with it all again, and then i'll be good. :) 

something that has helped, is that we are filling out our adoption paperwork again. 
we have finished the first little bit and are in the last stages of getting our paperwork in. :) 
that in and of itself is VERY exciting. 
i can't wait to expand our family. 

the other exciting thing, is i got a new camera
yes, yes. 
and it is amazing.
the picture of bubba above is the first picture i took with it. 
then i had to try and take one of myself. 
haha, not the BEST picture, but it works. 

anyway, i hope things are going well for you.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

a day with the dinos

tuesday evening, we went down to thanksgiving point to take some pictures. 
it was too windy. 
so we didn't take pictures, and instead, sam, bubba, and i went to the dinosaur museum. 
bubba was so excited to see the dinosaurs. 

until we got there 

then he didn't want to be put down. 
which is odd for him, because he can't stand to be held and always has to be walking. 
but yeah. he refused to get down. 
silly boy. 

here are some pictures of our outing. :) 
we were the last ones to leave, and had to walk through part of the museum in the dark. 
that was kind of creepy..

Monday, May 2, 2011


i dislike being sick. 
and it seems like we've been sick a LOT this season
boo hiss. 
sickness can go out and punch itself in the stomach. 

but right now, bubba and i are indoors stuffed up with coughs. 
my head has so much pressure in it, 
it feels like my eyes are going to explode. 
which does NOT help with editing, i might add. 

so, as we sit in here and be miserable, here is a picture of bubba from easter. 
this is his easter suit. 

he had a tie...but claimed it was choking him. so it came off :/