Friday, June 24, 2011

friday, shmiday

let's see what we have today

~we went to lagoon twice this week, and it makes me feel like a kid again. love the rides, the swimming, and the just being with family. chris and tab, you would be SO proud of me, the last two times i've gone, my phone has stayed away. :) 

~i need to take more time for my family. i LOVE my business, but i need to find balance. this is something that i will be working on for the next couple of weeks, to see what i can do to bring balance back to my family (this includes making dinner more often i guess. but bubba is SO please with mac and cheese and chicken nuggets!)

~i ate a bowl full of spinach grown in our pots outside our front door. and we are starting to get green beans, and i am really very excited for them! 

~sam has about a month and a half before we find out if his job is permanent. he goes back and forth each day thinking that it's for sure, to thinking that he should start looking. i just wish that they would give them SOME notice, so we aren't suddenly without a job. :/ i really dislike the not knowing of it.

~i wish i were a writer. or someone who could eloquently put words together to bring true emotion into something that someone is reading. but alas. i really suck at writing. haha. i was once told by my third grade teacher i believe, that i needed to read the dictionary, because my vocabulary was awful. i'm beginning to think that she was right. oh, and if she were to read my blog, she would cringe, and tell me i need to work on capitalization. hmm. oh well. 

~some of my best ideas come while i'm showering. 

hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!

Friday, June 17, 2011


my mom was giving me a hard time today about not updating my blog. 
yeah..i don't know why, maybe it's because i don't feel like i have anything interesting to share. 
i have the tab open across the top of my browser, i just don't ever think to click on it and update. 

ah well. 

confessions, shall we? 

~i'm getting older. i slept on a floor last night, and i couldn't move this morning. my shoulders and hips hurt so bad. 
i don't like this fact.

~i am working on being happier with myself, and not worry so much about everyone else. 
i'll let you know how it goes.

~we need more movies. i think i have worn out the ones that we have

~i am a photographer, and i only have a couple of pictures hanging up on my walls. sad i know. i think it's because i know i'm not going to be in this place long, so i don't want to get completely settled in and do stuff, unless i know i'm going to be there a while. so sad. 

~i want to go on a vacation with sam. just him and i for a couple of days. we haven't done that for 3 years. we have only been away from bubba 3 nights. and they were all separate, and we were only away for about 12 hours. i want an actual vacation away from everything. for at least 2 days. it would do wonders i think. 

all right, i want to go to bed. enjoy your night.

Friday, June 3, 2011

june confessions

confession time

~i stink at updating this blog. i know many of you will agree with me on this. i apologize. 

~i am having a hard time with friends. i guess i put in way too much effort with people to be their friends. and no effort is returned. makes me want to give up. i often feel like i don't really have friends, just acquaintances. but no one i can really call and talk to. i try to be there for others, and try to be a good friend. but somehow, i think i'm failing. 

~in discussing the above issue with sam, we started discussing "love languages". i always thought that my love language was "gifts" or "physical touch", but in our discussion, we decided that my love language is "words of affirmation". i thrive when i receive compliments, or praise. and in the friend issue above, i don't often get that, so i feel i am failing as a friend. 
i don't know, maybe it's all just in my head. 

~i am over complimentary. unfortunately, this leads to people thinking i'm fake. i love receiving words of praise, so naturally, i give lots of praise. i don't ever give a compliment that isn't deserved in one way or another. but people start to think that i don't mean what i say, and that i am just fake.

~i have been having so many dreams about babies, that it makes me sad. i hope that this adoption process takes a shorter amount of time, rather than a longer amount of time!