Friday, February 25, 2011

Friday Confessions

these are going to be short and sweet 

~i.hate.being.sick.  i have been sick all the week long. started with a fever of 103 which ran from late sunday night to Wednesday night. with that were aches, stuffy head, upset stomach, chills, etc. (i think i took 4 baths in 3 days to try and regulate my temperature. the only place i could feel warm) then, once the fever went away, it was replaced with an extremely sore throat, and very stuffed up head. and VERY weak. tried showering yesterday and that was more than i could handle. i feel like i have no muscles to support me when i stand, like they are jello. probably from laying here all week. 

~ i have a very good little boy. even though he's sick of me just laying around, for the most part he has been understanding and has tried to take care of me. he's still feeling a little yucky (stuffy nose) but for the most part is feeling better. 

~i have the best family in the world. kaleigh has come over to take care of me a couple of times, and my mom came and got me out of the house (even if it was to just go lay on their couch :)) to try and break up my boredom. 

~i also have the best hubby in the world. he works all day, then he would come home, entertain bubba, and take care of me. i owe him a ton. and count myself as one of the luckiest gals in the universe. 

~i can't wait until spring. i want to get out of the house more. i am so bored from being stuck in here. i can't do much more snow. 

~i am going to miss ebay's insurance. the one we are offered now isn't nearly as good. but at least it's something. i will just miss ebay's. but we still know this is what we are supposed to be doing. so..

~i am going to go lay back down. have a good weekend.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Long Day

i have a feeling today is already going to be a long day. 
could be that i've been awake since 7:30

why was i awake at 7:30? i had a little very warm body climb into bed with me. 
too warm. 

took his temperature and it was 103.7. 

he was so tired still, gave him some medicine because he was just miserable, and some juice. he tried to go back to sleep, but it was a really restless sleep. he kept jerking around, and whining. 
poor little guy :( 

checked his temperature about an hour ago, and luckily it has dropped to 100.6 and i think it is staying there at the moment. he has NO other symptoms of anything, which is good. he's taking it easy, while i try and get ready to go to work. 

luckily he is still giggling, and smiling in amidst his whining. 

gosh, i love that little guy. 
and i sure hope he feels better FAST. 

Friday, February 18, 2011

Friday Confessions

yay! back on schedule. 
i mean, did i ever HAVE a schedule? 
ah well. 

here they are, this weeks installation of

~i am absolutely in LOVE with sam's new schedule. he now works monday through friday 8-4:30, and it is SO nice to have him home every night, and weekends. i can now do more with my photography, and we are getting more done! and i get more time with him (sorta..between all his meetings and other things, i think it's about the same, it just FEELS like more time :) )

~i have been in bed before midnight all.week.long. 

~along with that, i have been awake before 9 every morning. i know this comes as quite a shock to all those who know me. i don't even have an alarm set. my body has just woken me up between 8:50 and 9:00 every day this week. 

~along with that, i feel AWESOME about it. 
(yes, i just used awesome, in caps. that's how i feel about it) 

~i feel like i have to keep people updated. whether it's my mom, my sister, my hubby, the internet, etc. i don't want people to worry. so i keep people updated. what happened to the time where we had to write letters, and it would take days to find something out. now it's just a matter of minutes. and i'm addicted to it. although, i have to admit that i have cut back. 
i don't use twitter as much anymore :) 

~i have stayed in pajamas for two days this week. i need spring. 

anywho, hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!! 
wish me luck on teaching my sunbeams this sunday. i'll need it.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Monday Confessions? :)

yeah, so i am having more luck making these monday confessions.
i need to be more consistent. 

~ i am obviously not consistent. :) most of what i do, is random. i really really need to find consistency in what i do every day. 

~ i was asleep by 11:00pm last night. and was therefore up before 9 this morning fully rested. i think i'm going to get used to this. :) 

~my house is a mess. i try to keep it clean, but things are always pulled back out just shortly afterwards. so i give up most of the time. :)

~i am in love with the warm weather we've been having. seriously, we drove around yesterday with our windows rolled down. too bad it's going to get cold again this weekend. boo. 

~i still have some christmas decorations out. they are just little ones, but they are still out. and i look at them every day thinking "i should put those away" and then just never do. maybe as soon as i am done with this... 

~i want a dwarf pomegranate tree. it grows in a pot that you can keep indoors when it's cold outside, and put it outside when it's warm. but it makes pomegranates!! i want one.

well, that's all for this week. hope you all have a wonderful valentine's day. :) 
happy valentine's day from our house to yours. 

Thursday, February 10, 2011

smiley faces, and chocolate

fact : i don't want march to come. it means my little boy turns 3. :(

fact : i am actually in a very contently happy mindset right now. dreams are coming true, and life is good right now. 

fact : i use waaaay too many smiley faces when i type stuff. 

fact : i haven't had chocolate for a week, and i need to change this stat. 

fact : i could sit and watch movies with my little all day long, as long as he sits and snuggles me all day long. :) 

fact : i need to get out more. bubba and i. we need a play group or something that we can attend. or at least other kids that bubba could play with. 

fact : i can't wait to have a house that i can decorate, paint, and all that stuff. seriously, love finding new ways to decorate, and trying to do them myself. (i made the curtains that hang in our front room :)) 

fact : :)

Monday, February 7, 2011

What the..

i can't even keep up with the confessions for 2 weeks. bahaha.
i have my reasons. 
i wasn't home by my computer. 
but i am sure none of this matters, i should have got them done. 
so, here are my confessions from last friday. 

~i am spoiled rotten. seriously. i can go to the fridge and always count on my water bottle being filled up, sam takes amazingly good care of me. :) 
~i don't like putting bubba in his own bed. more often than not, he will fall asleep next to me on the couch while we watch a movie. not the most comfortable, but definitely love it. 
~i want to move somewhere warm. i'm tired of this cold. i want my shorts, flip flops, sunglasses, and warmth.
~i can't bring myself to say goodbye to some people or some things. even though i really need to
~bubba told me the other week that he didn't like me because he was mad at me. i cried. 

anyway, hopefully i will stay more on track of this. :)