Tuesday, April 9, 2013

5 years old

so, how have you been doing? 

we've been doing alright over here. 

i noticed that it's been a couple of months since i've posted anything. 
i should probably get on that..

bubba turned 5 last month. 
can you believe it? 
i certainly can't. it's hard for me to think that it's been 5 wonderful years since he was placed in our arms. 
and i love him more and more each day. 
his favorite things right now are: 

star wars
any kind of costume
ramen noodles
riding his bike
playing skylanders and star wars lego for the wii
nice people
trying to read
 chocolate milk

things that he doesn't like are: 
any mexican food. 
except quesadillas 
mean people 

he is a very determined kid when it comes to something he wants. 
he can be one of the sweetest kids as well. he loves giving hugs to people, and will give complete strangers hugs, just cause he feels like it. 
he is someone who does small talk
and i am not. 
so he will get me talking to someone out in public

not a day goes by that he doesn't ask when his baby sister is coming. 
and i have to keep telling him "i don't know"
he also only prays for a baby sister. 
he will for a baby brother when he thinks about it, 
but his mind automatically goes towards a sister. 

he is funny and he loves to tease everyone. 
he also likes having his way, and gets his "feelings hurt" when he doesn't. 
he says he wants to marry me when he grows up, so he can live with me for always. 
he also wants to marry his aunts. 
and pretty much any female that crosses his path. 

he's a flirt, and can sweet talk anyone. 
he loves to eat, and i can see our grocery bill going up in the future. 

my brother left on his mission for the LDS church last month, and he asks every day when curtis will be home. 
he also says he wants to be just like curtis when he grows up, and go on a mission. 

he is absolutely the light of our life, and we are SO grateful that he is with us!! we love him to the moon and beyond. 

on other notes, we are still waiting to be chosen by a birthmother, and we are looking at buying a house. 
boo and yay!