Thursday, August 26, 2010

Capturing the Details

i was sitting here last night as bubba snuggled into me and fell asleep, feeling so much gratitude

so lucky to call this little man mine.

i couldn't help but look at him, and see the little details that make him perfect.
because when he sleeps, he is perfect.

i really want his eyelashes

can't help but notice how big he is getting here

his toes, which i still count as often as i can

his hand, and how perfectly it fits into mine

his pouty lips, which he uses to deliver some of the sweetest kisses

again, see how big he is getting? so tall

his feet again

that sweet little face, little button nose, blue eyes. perfect.

his fingers, which he uses to get my attention

i just love him.

and i am oh so very lucky.


Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Player Down

last week i went to new york with my good friend stacy. she had a wedding planned out there, so i went along to second shoot with her. we were lucky enough to be able to do some other photoshoots out there as well.

when we weren't doing photoshoots, we were playing tourist. we wandered all over manhatten and brooklyn and saw everything we could possibly see. we rode the subway (i even rode it by myself once :-)) and we had fun. i can't thank everyone who helped me go enough! it was truly the best birthday gift i could ever receive. i haven't traveled on an airplane in about 18 years, and i was SO excited to be able to again...
that is, until the last flight home. we entered into some thunderclouds around salt lake just before landing. this was sunday, the day we had the really strong winds. just before we touched down, the plane tilted clear to one side.
i hit the guy next to me (poor guy, but he was cool about it, luckily we spent the previous three hours talking to each other on the plane)
and then the place tipped to the other side, and luckily, the pilot was able to get it straightened out JUST before we landed. it was scary.

then monday came. i woke up early (because you see, new york has done this for me, i'm going to bed earlier and waking up earlier.) ate breakfast, showered, got ready, and i got hit by pain.


it was a burning pain in my stomach area. i couldn't move. i was stuck down. the pain moved all through my stomach, but was central to my stomach. i got chills, a fever, and aches. finally after my fever went away, the burning went away. but i still had severe pain in my abdomen. luckily, i have this AMAZING doctor who we were able to go see on tuesday.
found out i had a gall bladder attack, and an ovarian cyst that had blood clots in it.
luckily i feel MUCH better today. still tender, but i can move around more.

the treatment? wait it out. the blood clots will absorb, and the cyst will dissolve. the bad thing about the gall bladder is since i've had one attack, i will most likely have another attack. so, i can either wait until i have another attach, or see a surgeon about it now. the only real remedy is surgery. so we will have to see about that...

but can i tell you how much i have missed being home? it was so much fun to be away, but there are things about home that i enjoy :-) love it here.

anyway, that's what i've been doing lately. i'll try to get more pictures up. :-)


Sunday, August 15, 2010

A Month?

wow, has it really been a month since I have written on here?

and i had to come back and redo my whole blog. dang.

well here is a little something to hold you over i guess

fact: i have been extremely busy. like extremely. i don't feel like i have even had a chance to breathe. and it doesn't look like it's going to end anytime soon. but guess what. a part of me LOVES it. :-)

fact: i turned 27 today. not too bad, but it's weird thinking back on things and being able to say "i haven't done this in over 10 years!" then i feel old.

fact: my feet hurt. i hiked adam's canyon today with kaleigh, and well...i don't think my body handled it well. i need to get back in shape. again something that makes me feel old. i should just avoid those moments..

fact: i need to go to bed earlier.

fact: my little boy is growing up. and i don't like it.

point proven

goodnight :-)