Thursday, December 25, 2008


Merry Christmas to everyone out there! May you have peace and joy in your life this year, and I wish for you the very very best!!

I will try to update soon!

Sunday, December 14, 2008


Can I tell you how much it effects everyone when someone is sick? Especially when that someone is an 8 month old little boy!

Seriously. I thought Sam was bad when he was sick, but I was soon to find out how wrong I was. And it isn't necessarily that he is's just HARD to do ANYTHING! Let's start with yesterday morning. He woke up and Sam took him out of our room so I could attempt to sleep some more. I come out a little bit later, and find that Bubba has thrown up a couple of times. Well, I sit and hold him and snuggle him and he throws up on me. Ok..let's check him over. No fever, he is still happy and smiling and crawling around. Ok, not bad. He went down for a nap a short time later. He wakes up and we try just a little bit of water to see if his stomach can handle it. He hasn't even finished the bottle of water (4 ounces) and it all comes back up. Great.

Ok, check him over again...Still no fever, still color in his face, still smiling and crawling around. Ok, he seems ok. About an hour come the runs. Poor little guy can't keep ANYTHING in him! We wait a little bit and try water again. This time he was able to keep it down! YAY! Wait a little bit longer and we try some formula. He keeps this down too! So we feed him some more formula, because he must be starving. He keeps it down, and he goes down for the night. Ahh..he must be over it, it must of been a little 24 hour bug or something.

1:30am rolls around and I head back to bed (hey, don't be hatin') Bubba wakes up and wants nothing but to be held. So I try to snuggle him in bed, he just keeps moving around. So I come out to the family room and try rocking him. I get him to sleep and he is restless again. So, about 4:00am I head back to bed. Lay him in his crib, and he goes to sleep. Great! He wakes up again about 8:00. I pull him into bed with me and he snuggles right in against me and falls back asleep. Again wakes up about 9 and Sam takes him out again. I come out a little later to find out that he threw up all over Kasia. Poor little didn't know what hit her!

Great. So we are back to square one. So all day today, he hasn't wanted to play as much. He just wants to be held. If we put him down for anything, he will whine, follow us around and give us the saddest face. Until we are compelled to pick him up again. Not that I mind. I love holding him and snuggling him. But he doesn't want to snuggle. He just wants to sit in your arms and then change positions a million times every minute. And I'm not lying. Ok, so maybe it was only like 100 times every minute. But I don't exaggerate! Ok, so it's more like 5 times a minute. But still...

So anyway...he has been able to keep his bottle down that he ate a couple of hours ago. We will have to see how the rest of the night and tomorrow goes.

Oh, and to end this post, I will state that we got 5-6 inches of snow yesterday! So, now it is FREEZING cold outside, and I want to go on a somewhere warm....

And I might just make Bubba make the reservations, since he looks like he knows how to use a computer. :-) Yes I let him sit in Sam's computer, No I didn't move him, Yes I took his picture. Haha, take that!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Flag Ceremony and Sleeping

Ok, this is a little overdue, but better late than never right? Since Chris left for bootcamp, he asked my dad to put a flag up in their yard. So that was my dad's project for a couple of weeks. He put a flagpole up in our front yard, and once it was up, we had a flag ceremony for it.

We had a really good turn out for it. There was Sam, Me, and Hunter, my mom, dad, Tanielle, Jacque, Kaleigh, Curtis, Tab and DK. Along with my Uncle Reed and his family. It was really neat to have that kind of turn out for it. My dad read the Soldier's Creed and then him and Curtis raised the flag. It was neat to be a part of. And it was even awesome that the neighbors got involved also, and the ones that were outside, put their hands over their heart and watched as we raised it. That was pretty neat.

Even Bubba was out there for it. It was kind of chilly though so we kept him wrapped up all nice and warm!

The other half of this post is about sleeping. Bubba likes to sleep on his stomach now, so we let him and we check on him a LOT. Well, we find it so funny to see how he sleeps. This is how we find him asleep most of the time. It is like he was sitting there and just plopped over. LOL! So here are a couple of him sleeping.

Yeah...he pulls his socks off now too. Silly boy!
Anyway..enjoy! I will try to update again soon!

Friday, December 5, 2008


I can't believe that it is already December! And not only that, but that it is the FIFTH of December! Yikes! That means the month is already 1/6 of the way over! It is also the Christmas Season. Radio Stations are playing Christmas Music ALL the time, and it is fun to listen to it! Christmas lights are going up everywhere, and the stores are full of everything Christmas!

I guess I should let you know that we survived Thanksgiving! We went up and stayed with my grandparents, and then had Thanksgiving dinner with Sam's family. And can you believe that their turkey was done at 9:00 IN THE MORNING?! Needless to say, despite us trying to convince them to cook it later, they didn't and we had cold turkey for dinner! But the company was good, and so that is what counts! Melanie made some of the BEST pumpkin pie ever! ( mom's still tops it) And luckily we got to go back up to my grandparents and have some of that pumpkin pie also! Yummy! So that was our Thanksgiving. Thank you to EVERYONE who made it fun for us!

I am very excited for this month! First off, Aaron and Mell left on their Cruise today. (Of which I am INSANELY jealous of, but oh well :-)) And will be gone for the next week. The week after that, we have my brother's birthday, and we have a visitor to come and join us! That is right, Crystal is going to make the trip from Oregon to spend a few days with us! We are excited that she will be able to participate in some of our Christmas traditions with us! This is also the first year that we have someone other than the two of us! We are almost all done with our Christmas shopping (yay!!) and are excited to show Bubba everything that we enjoy! Sometime towards the middle of the month Chris gets to come home for a short time! Yay!! So that will be exciting. Then there is Christmas, of which we will be spending at my parents house this year. We are going to do the whole shabang with my family and I can not tell you how EXCITED I am for that! Then the next week is New Year's of which we haven't decided what to do yet.

Also in that time, I have a couple of groups to meet up with! My very good friend Michelle will be coming up for a visit from Texas, and we are going to try to get together! I will get to see her little baby! (Who apparently isn't as little as I think he is!) And another group of ladies who are close to my heart are meeting also in that time. Not to mention I have Bubba's 9 month appointment this month, and I have to finish getting Christmas gifts for everyone else! Yikes! Busy month!

But I thought that I would make a post about some of my FAVORITE things from Christmas:
  • I love staying with my family and going out and looking at the lights, reading the Christmas story, and singing Christmas songs, on Christmas Eve.
  • There is always an elf that finds his way to our house on Christmas Eve and that is the 1 present we can open on Christmas Eve.
  • Waking up early in the morning, (this grew later and later as we grew older) and get ALL the kids together and then go in and try to wake up mom and dad, and convince them that we HAVE to go downstairs!
  • Doing everything we could to wake them up! And then finally getting them awake and then lining up to go downstairs.
  • Having Christmas breakfast. Which was always waffles with strawberry and whip cream, sausage/bacon, eggs. Yum.

There are so many things that I love! This is just a handful over a coupel of days, but really there are traditions all month long. And they are all things that I hope to continue in my family for years to come!