Friday, December 28, 2007


Well, I think I am going crazy!! Sam and I are both SICK. Sam is coughing, and can't stop, and my head is so stuffed up that I think it will explode. We were miserable last night! At 2:00 we tried to go up to bed, and neither of us could sleep! We ended up taking Tylonol, and that helped us at least sleep. But I am stuck down in bed, and miserable. Along with being miserable, I am bored out of my MIND!!! Hopefully the bath that I will be taking here shortly will help somewhat...

Why is it that people get sick at the most difficult times! It's the holiday's for crying out loud! But alas...we will get over it. Hopefully sooner rather than later!

Sam starts school in just over a week. Last semester here! I am so excited about it! He is going to be looking around at jobs down in Utah County, so we can be ready when he is done.

Ah, we are so excited for this next year! So many exciting things happening! It will be a very exciting year! Well, I am off to take my bath...ahh...relaxation...

Wednesday, December 26, 2007


I am so sad that our vacation is over! We really didn't want to leave Santaquin. We had so much fun, that it was hard to pull away. I spent the time driving home, trying to convince Sam that we needed to move today! But alas, no such luck. We had a lot of fun! Sam spent time sledding with our nieces and nephew, and we did our best to try and help out wherever we could. We spent Christmas with them, and had SO much fun. Unfortunately Sam became sick while down there, and he now has a viral infection in his lungs. So we are working on getting him to feel better!

We had an AMAZING Christmas! And we are so thankful for everything we have. We didn't have to spend Christmas alone (Thanks mom for your prayers!) and Santa was very good to us.

We also got to spend our nieces first birthday with her, and she was just ADORABLE! She has started saying "A-boo" to people (like peek-a-boo) and it is just so cute! You could wake up to her saying that to you, trying to get you to wake up, and it just melts your heart! The other's were just as cute! With Kasia singing "You Are My Sunshine" and taking random objects and creating a story from them, and Sierra doing any trick she could to show how strong she is! She is the only 6 year old that I know of that can do military press push ups! (For those who don't know what that is, it is where they do a hand stand against a wall, and do push ups with just their arms) And she doesn't just do 1 or 2, she will crank out like 10 of them! She is STRONG and fearless! Tagan loved to color. And even though he was so tired, he still wanted to color. You would hear "mom, I am tired of coloring, but I just can't stop!" He then wanted his mom to come and color for him so he could take a break. SO CUTE!

I got to spend time shopping, and we stayed awake late every night, just to watch TV, and edit pictures! We tried to do a photoshoot every day, and I think we did well, until the end when it snowed and it was just too cold to go outside!

But now we are back to work, and back to the same ol' stuff.

We have almost completed our adoption paperwork. We should have everything together within the next couple of weeks to get it all put in. HOPEFULLY! We are still really excited for what 2008 is going to bring for us!

Well...I have rambled on long enough! I will end this with a couple of pictures from our vacation. Thanks for looking!

Saturday, December 8, 2007


I just absolutely love Saturday's where I get to sit around and do absolutely nothing. Like right now, for instance, I get to sit around and write posts while listening to my favorite music...heaven.

Oh and I have another movie recommendation. We went and saw Fred Clause the other night. It is a cute movie! If you like movies like "The Santa Clause" with Tim Allen, you will like this movie. There are parts that will make you laugh, and it is a cute movie, especially for this time of year. So if you are wondering what movie to see...see that one!

Sam is at work, and I am sitting here at home. I have everything cleaned that needs to be cleaned (except for the kitchen...I am kind of putting it off...), my pictures are edited that need to be edited, and I have nothing to do. I thought I would sit for a minute before my life got crazy again...

Sam's brother's wedding is a week from yesterday. Let me go through a day by day idea of what we are going to be doing...

Saturday - (Today) As I mentioned, Sam is working. We are meeting up for a temple night with family members, and then I have been volunteered to give a perm. (I am not too excited for this....) So we will be giving my mother-in-law a perm after that, and then HOPEFULLY hanging out with friends.

Sunday - A day to relax, ahh..we will probably visit relatives, or finish up baking all of our goody plates. (We did this last week and made some of the YUMMIEST stuff! We made peppermint bark, white chocolate covered pretzels, and mini cheescakes...yum). a "Do whatever we want day"

Monday - Work from 9-3:30 (Normally it is one of my 10 hours days, but I am getting off early...), and then our adoption interview! Of which I am VERY excited for! Then family night.

Tuesday- Sam's brother gets into town from Wisconsin. (Yay! We are excited to see them, since we haven't seen them in like 3 years, and we haven't met two of our nieces!) Sam also has 2 finals this day, and I work from 1-6:30.

Wednesday- Work from 9-7. Yee haw. Sam will be studying when he is not working.

Thursday - Sam has 2 more finals, and then he will be DONE! (well for this semester anyway...but then only ONE semester left before he graduates!! YAY!!) I will be working from 1-6:30 again. Aaron and Melanie comes into town with their kiddios. (Yay!! I am very excited for this also!) They will be staying with us, and we will party this night.

Friday - Nathan's wedding! Kellie will be coming down for us to do her hair that morning, and then the wedding, then the luncheon at 1:00 and then I am taking family pictures right after that, before the reception. The reception will be this night.

Saturday-My In-Laws Wedding Anniversary. Aaron and Melanie will leave as Aaron has a test that he is taking for his contractors liscense. (Yay Aaron!) We will probably be heading down to Salt Lake to go to the Mo-Tab Christmas Concert with my family, and then spending the night down there.

Sunday - Curtis's birthday! (My brother) He will be ordained a Teacher at church, and then a get together afterwards. Willie and his family will probably be heading back to Wisconsin this day. And we will be traveling down to Santaquin for our vacation.

From Monday (17th) to Sunday (the 23rd) We will be vacationing, and doing photo shoots every day of the week. We will also be down there for my nieces birthday. Sam will be fixing the car, and also possibly working for his uncle some of the time. And then we will come back and be back for our normal lives.

So as you can see, I am going to be pretty busy for the next couple of weeks, and might not find the time to post! But I will do my best to post on Monday to let you all know how things went! Thanks for reading, and sorry this turned into a novel....Have a good week!

Wednesday, December 5, 2007


Ok, we actually going to be doing the interview on Monday instead of on Thursday! Yay!!! It is moved up a few days!! I am SO excited!!

So exciting....

I just wanted to let you all know that we got our first appointment set up with LDSFS. This is going to be our intake interview, and this is also where we put down $1000. Yikes! It is where they will go over everything with us, and where we will start the rest of our paperwork. I am SO excited to get this on the road!! Anyway, our interview is going to be on Thursday December 13th. We could have done it earlier, but it would have clashed with Sam's finals. And I really don't want to cause any distractions for him during that time. So it will be on the day of his last final. YAY!!!! I am SO excited!!!

This also brings up another point. Sam only has 1 WEEK LEFT!!! (Well for this semester anyway...) And then it is only 1 semester left before he walks and we can move!!! This means, at most, only 5 more months at Icon! Yay!!! Sam has been doing so well in his schooling the last couple of years. It is great to see him doing something that he loves! So that is exciting for us.

I went to the doctor yesterday to check my ear from when I jammed a q-tip in it a couple months ago (yea, yea, me, I've heard it all already...) and they pulled a huge scab out of my ear canal. So hopefully now my ear will start to heal and STOP hurting! I have to put ear drops in every six hours, which has proven to be a pain....

So that is an update on our life. So exciting eh? Thanks for reading!