Thursday, April 15, 2010


It is SPRING! You can feel it, you can smell it, and you can SEE IT!
Want some proof?
Here you go!

I love spring.
For some reason, Summer is too hot, Winter is too cold. Spring and Fall are juuuuust right.
I also love how everything changes in these seasons.
Ahhh....I just love it.
And it seems to help tremendously with my mood!
(I know what you are thinking, "tara in a bad mood? NEVER!", but alas I must admit that it does happen every once in a blue moon.)

The grass is getting greener, the house is getting warm enough that you can just open the windows and let the cooler breeze blow through the house, the blossoms are blooming making the world smell so fresh.
The allergies are in full blow...
Wait, this is supposed to be positive.

Things are still kicking around here.
I am amazed at how quickly bubba is growing.
(wait Tara, you said that in the last TEN posts..., but it is still true.)
He found a ticket the other day, that is shaped like a credit card. What did he do with it you ask? He went and closed a door, and used the ticket to slide in between the door and the side, and then tried opening the door.
Like this "key" was going to unlock the door.
Silly boy.
I have NO idea where he has gotten it from, as we haven't stayed in a hotel with him!
He just amazes me. completely
He loves to dance, and is the cutest dancer I think I have ever seen. :-)
And he is STILL getting spoiled by everyone who comes in contact with him. :-)

Something else I am pretty excited for, is he actually knows when he needs to go to sleep now. He still fights it a lot of the time,
but he KNOWS!
And sometimes will happily go down for a nap, or bedtime now.
Ahhh..makes it so much easier!
We are still working on talking.
Although, I know he CAN talk, because he will repeat things.
But he just doesn't talk a lot. But I know that will get better.

I am sitting here typing this, while waiting for photos to upload.
I am SO blessed to be able to pick up more business with my photography!
I am going to be pretty busy the next few weeks, and am SO excited!
Sam is currently sitting next to me, fast asleep.
I love that he supports me in what I love to do.
Even if it is sitting by me while I edit my butt off late at night. :-)

Anyway, I am going to try and post more of what is going on. My mother says that I need to do it more often. SO, like a good daughter, I will try to comply. :-)


Monday, April 12, 2010


Haha, so..I guess it would be nice if I would come on and actually update huh.
I guess I feel like no one really reads my blog but my family, and they are all here anyway, so what's the point of posting it on a blog, when they witness it.

But for the purpose of giving my mom something to read when she gets online, here we go. ;-)

What have we been up to? Not a whole lot honestly. Trying to survive the sudden blast of winter that mother nature threw at us last week, and just trying to get through each day.

Bubba is growing up SO fast. I can't believe all the things that he knows how to do, or is learning to do. Some of his favorite phrases are of course "mom", "let's go", "no" and "stop" ("stop" being said with his hand up in front of your face. SO cute) He is now 2. Crazy. I don't count the months anymore. I count the years. I don't know if I am ready for that. So I still might count the months. :-) (Just don't tell anyone..)

He loves the camera. He is always trying to pull it out and says "cheese" but whenever I try to take his picture, he runs and doesn't want it taken. Typical. I think I just need to give him a rest from it.

He loves to smile and giggle. He can be SO silly when he wants to! He is just learning how to jump, and of course jumps off of the stairs. So far he has made it down 2 stairs in one jump. He LOVES it. I on the other hand worry about what bone he is going to break...

He is starting to snuggle more now. Which I love and also dislike at the same time. I love it when he snuggles me, but at night when he climbs into bed with me, it sometimes keeps me awake. (Yes, he sleeps in bed with me. When Sam is gone 4 nights in a row, I hate sleeping by myself, he sleeps, and then he is in a habit, so he sleeps with us even when Sam is home. It's rough. But don't hate)

His favorite movie is "Princess and The Frog" and he asks to watch it at LEAST once a day. (I'm tying to limit it) He will point to the TV and say "pincess!!" And he gets so mad during the movie when the prince dances with the wrong girl. Somehow he knows.

I try to enjoy every day with him. He is such a blessing in my life. I love and adore him to pieces. :-)

As for Sam and I, well, Sam still works for the Boys Ranch. And so he is gone usually from Friday to Monday working there. I recently quit Bath and Body Works so I could focus full time on my photography. Which I am happy to say is going well! I am going to be trying to incorporate more photo stuff on to this blog, and just try to merge the blogs somewhat together. So make sure that you are following my Photography blog so you can follow all things that I am doing!

Sam and I are hoping to be moving out here shortly as soon as we can find a place that will work for us. So we shall see how things go!

Anyway, I guess I will end this. Thanks for checking up on me, and I hope there are people out there actually reading. :-) Enjoy!