Friday, August 26, 2011

i have to confess

~our adoption is at a standstill right now. just thought i'd let you know. we can't seem to get insurance from anywhere, and it's just beyond frustrating. but i am sure it is happening for a reason. 
i just don't know it. 
but i am surprised at how different this adoption process is from the last one. seriously. like night and day. with bubba, it was 3 months from when we started the paperwork, to when he was in our arms. of course, that was considered a designated adoption, so there were a lot of things we didn't have to do. with this one, we have been working on the paperwork part since march. 

~where adoption has been the forefront of my mind, of course it seems like EVERYONE is expecting now. that or just delivered. within 2 weeks, i was told by 6 different people that they were expecting. and 4 others delivered. with a few more delivering here shortly. 
i can't help but wonder when it will be our turn.
or wonder what water they're drinking.

~yeah..that pretty much consumes my life right now. sad. 

~bubba is starting a joy school in the next few weeks. he's excited for it. he loves playing with other kids. and i think it will be good for him, and kind of prepare him for preschool next year. 

~my apartment is a disaster. seriously. looks like a tornado came through it. and i don't have time to clean it right now. i try to do the basic cleaning, but i haven't been able to deep clean it. after this season, it should calm down enough for me to clean it...right? 
let's hope so. 

~i am ecstatic for my photoshoots this fall. i have some amazing ones lined up, and i can't WAIT to do them! just you wait until you see them. :) 

~ok..enough for now. hope you all enjoy your weekend. :)

Monday, August 15, 2011

busy, busy

it has been crazy busy lately, and it is just going to get busier. 
but so far this summer, we are lucky to have been able to go the zoo, multiple parks, st. george, lagoon multiple times, fishing, gateway a few times, park city, logan a couple of times, and just been around.
so i apologize for not writing in this as often. 
and i apologize in advance that i might not be updating that often. 
but hopefully we can get into a routine. 

let's see what's going on with us. 
i just turned 28 yesterday. 
what? 28?
yeah. i can't believe it either. 
i swear i'm still 18. 
oh well. 
i ended up being sick for it, and so sam took care of me. he surprised me with a party at my parents house, where him and tanielle cooked me dinner. it was very delicious. (what i could taste. my senses are off with being sick, so i couldn't really taste anything.) and then sam surprised me with a wii. 
that's right. 
a wii, and bubba has been playing mario kart as often as he could today. 
silly boy. 
but i have to admit, he's getting better, and soon will be able to kick my trash at it. 
i guess we should invest in some kind of educational games as well.. 
we ended the day by chasing a lightning storm. oh yeah. 

bubba is learning and growing every day. he is talking more, and i can't understand him pretty well. he is the tallest boy in nursery, and loves playing with other kids. he will be starting a joy school this fall, which we are both excited about. it guarantees that he will get out and play with other kids at least once a week. he is very much looking forward to it. he knows all of his letters, but associates them with a word, and not the letter, so "h" is "hot", or "w" is "what's happening dude" (thank you letter factory)
he is trying to count, so we are focusing on that right now. 
he has shown a greater interest for reading, so we are reading a lot more books, and his favorite is "Green Eggs And Ham" and you can find him repeating it all.the.time. 
he loves fruits and meats, but isn't that picky of an eater, and he will try anything once. 

sam is still working in a contract position that we hope becomes permanent. but if it doesn't, it has at least got him experience in his field. he does a really good job at taking care of us when he's home, and supporting us. 

this last weekend, sam and i attended a national adoption conference here in layton. it was great, and very educational. it was our first time attending it, and we were able to make so many great friends, that have been through the same thing as us, so we instantly connected! it was great. and they had this banquet dinner, where i got to eat filet mignon. holy.snot. DELISH. 

oh, you didn't know? 
yes, we are trying to adopt again. we are in the final stages of our paperwork, and hope that our profile will go live here shortly! we are just waiting to hear back from a couple of things for our homestudy to be final. 
they say to start spreading the word that you are looking at adopting, because you just never know. 
and i can't argue, because that is how bubba came to be in our family! 
so, if you hear anything, or feel the need to pass our name along..
we would be more than thrilled. :) 
bubba took this of us. :)

photography is going great, fall is always my busy time, and this fall doesn't seem like it's going to be an exception. :) which i am more than thrilled for! i love all of my clients/friends, and am so blessed to be doing what i love! 

anyway, i hope this is an ok update, and i will try to update more!