Tuesday, May 27, 2008

2 Month Appt..

We had bubba's 2 month appointment today! When he was born, he weighed in at 8 pounds. He is now 13 pounds! Wowza! The doctor looked at him and said "he's not a little baby is he!" He is also 23.5 inches long now. So, we asked and it was 50th percentile with his height, and 85-90th percentile for weight! The doctor told us that we could start other food in about 2 months! Yay! He also said that he is perfectly healthy, and right on target for everything! YAY!! So..everything was going fine and dandy, until this afternoon...

We had immunizations. Ugh. I am glad that we are doing them, but it still breaks my heart! So..I wasn't even nervous, I was thinking that I would be ok, and everything would be good. Well, Mell came with me because she needed to get her daughters shots done, so she went first. Once they put that first shot in...my heart sank and I started to cry! And it wasn't even my child!! She had 5 shots done, and I determined that I could not hold Bubba down while he got his shots!! Right before they gave them to him, he started to cry, like he was anticipating them! Then he stopped and they gave him the first shot...his face went from calm to "what the heck are ya doing" to "ouch! That hurts" to full on scream!! I started to cry yet again! It was so sad!! I am glad that Mell held him, because I just don't think I would have been able to! I then got to comfort him, and he cried for another 10 minutes! But we both survived. Within half an hour, he was back to his smily self (could have been due to the motrin...), and I didn't feel AS bad. :-) He had 3 shots and an oral immunization. Now, I can start preparing myself for the next round in 2 months. Eek!

Here is a video, it is just about a minute long, but we have discovered that Bubba is ticklish! So this video is me tickling him and him trying to laugh. SO funny!! So enjoy this one!

I am also going to add a couple of pictures that I took the other day. We put him in a levi jacket that we received, and he looks SO blasted cute in it!! I LOVE it, and it makes me sad that it will only fit him for a short amount of time, but oh well. I will have to look for another one later on down the road. (Sorry about the green animal behind him...that is one of his favorite toys right now!! It is a tickletoes, and whenever we make it laugh, he starts grinning at it, and trying to grab it! SO cute!!)

Also, on Saturday Melanie's cat had her kittens. This cat is 3 years old and has 30 kittens!! Wowza! So she had a litter of 7 kittens, and they are SO cute!! There is one black one, 1 gray one, and 5 white ones (they are himalayan (sp?) so have persian, and half siamese) But they are adorable! I have claimed the gray one and Sam has lovingly called it Hodaka (for those who don't know what that is...it is a motorcycle...silly man). I took pictures of the birth, but I am not sure who all wants to see that, so I will try to take some other pictures tomorrow and post them for you!

Wow...this was a long post!! I haven't done one of those in a while! We are still surviving down here, and we actually are having fun! Sam is not liking how much school work he is getting. He has had so much that he hasn't been able to work this week, which is sad, but we will survive! We are excited to only have 2 more months left of that! Yay! We are also heading back up to Logan this weekend so Sam can take a couple of tests. So that will be good to see everyone that I miss!

Anyway...I think I will end this forever long post. So have fun, and let me know what you think!

Friday, May 23, 2008


Ok..so we splurged and bought a digital camera. I LOVE it!! I can now fully capture the noises and stuff that bubba makes! So..I have been trying it out, and I am trying to see if it will work on my blog. Hopefully it does! But then you might get video overload!! I didn't have it on superfine, so the quality may not be the best at the moment...I will have to change that. Anyway...let me know what you think about the video!

Also, today was Bubba's 2 month birthday. He is now two months old. :-( I am so sad! He is growing so fast! He has his two month appointment on Tuesday, in which he will get his first round of vaccinations. Yikes!! I am NOT looking forward to that part!! But we will get to see how much he has grown! Yay!! He has gotten to be quite the big guy! Although he looks average to some, and big to others, and small to others also..so we will just have to wait and see! I love him SO much though! Every day I find myself loving him more and more! Aww...anyway, let me know what you think!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

My Mother..

Thank you to my dad for sending me a picture that I can put up of my gorgeous mother!

This is my mom. The most gorgeous, humblest, most giving, nicest, most caring, passionate person you will ever meet. She keeps herself busy by taking a part of 6 kids lives! She also gives back to the community by taking a BIG part in the local C.E.R.T. program. Where she dedicates a lot of hours making sure that the city is ready for an emergency. My mom is my best friend. She is the reason that I am who I am. So thank you mom for being you, and for raising me and having the faith in me that got me through a lot of hard times. You amaze me every day. Happy late Mother's Day!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

OK..last one for today...

Ok..so I told you that I would be doing a mass blog! This is the third one today, but I am so excited to have the internet, and be able to do all the stuff. And now that things have settled down a little...I can post.
So I thought I would post some pictures. Ready for picture overload? Ok..

Here are a couple of the cuties that we are living with currently. They are the youngest of 4, and are so stinkin cute!! They are both SO in love with bubba! The blonde one always is saying things like "Look at how little he is!!" or "look mom, look at his little toes! They are so little!" in a high pitched child's voice. And the the other little, loves to find his paci and try to shove it in his mouth. Either that or she LOVES to give him kisses!! I will have to try and get pictures of that..but she gives him big slobbery kisses on the top of his head. SO blasted cute!

Here are some pictures that I took of trying to get him to smile. The first one is how he looks all the times he is awake. He is so mild..just sits and looks around, and wiggles his arms and legs. My mom says he is the wiggliest (is that a word?) baby she knows. He just LOVES to move around!

Here is one of him doing tummy time. You can see that he is holding his head all the way up! He actually likes being on his tummy, and just likes to look around. He is doing so well at holding his head up! But he likes being able to see everything that is going on around him. He will just sit and watch his cousins go back and forth, and then he calls out to them. SO CUTE!

And here is one of him sleeping. I know his eyes are open a little, but he is seriously asleep. Before he gets to the deep sleep stage..he will sit and open his eyes and have his eyes open..even though he is asleep. But I put this on here, because according to Sam..this is exactly how I sleep!! So it is fun to see a similarity!

And these are from the park today. None of them are of bubba because he was sleeping, and it was kind of cold, so Melanie took him and sat in the car with him while I went out and took pictures and played with the kiddios..

And here is one of my handsome hubby after a long day's work! If you can't see it..the front of his hair is all white, his eyebrows are white and his nose hairs are white...Haha, I guess that is what flooring can do to you! (Don't worry...he's cute anyway. :-))

Whew!! That was one long post! Hopefully you will enjoy it though! (Michelle...you better be happy! Lol!!)

Mother's Day

I figured I had better blog about my first Mother's Day.
Mother's Day this year, meant a lot to me. For the past 5 years, I would go to the normal church meetings, and I would end up leaving early because I couldn't take it anymore. I wasn't a mother, and I thought that I was looked down on for that. I felt belittled for not being a mother, even though I wanted it more than anything in the world. Up until 6 months ago, I was dreading the day..I liked Mother's Day because I could tell my mother how much she meant to me, but I hated mother's day at the same time, because I wasn't one.

Well..on March 23rd that changed. I became a mother. I now have a little one who looks to me, who smiles when he hears my voice, and who I can call my own. I woke up on Mother's Day and had my heart just overflowing with gratitude that I am a mother. I know that I will still have trying times...but I am a mother. I can be someone to him, like my mom was to me.

We spent the day with my family, and one of the gifts we gave to my mother, was the chance to sit and hold bubba as much as she wanted. As soon as he was in her arms at church...he just started grinning at her. My heart melted. I could see a connection between the two of them, that I could only dream of. I am SO thankful to my mother, and how much she means to me. She has been my rock, and has let me use her faith when I thought I didn't have any. She is the most AMAZING woman I know, and I hope to be just like her.

But, I just wanted to document (I guess?) what I felt this mother's day. It is an amazing feeling. To see dreams come true that I never thought possible. Thank you to everyone out there who has helped this dream become a reality. Words can not express how eternally grateful I am.

(I would post a picture of my mother on here...but I do not have one on my computer!! So I am sorry!! But just picture the most beautiful woman on the face of this earth...and that is her :-))

We are moved!

We got everything moved in on Saturday!! THANK YOU to Chris and Tabitha for helping us!! Also, a thank you to Sam's mother who helped us by watching bubba while we got everything packed up. We seriously would not have been able to do it without you guys!! We are sorry if we took up your whole day...but we appreciate EVERY minute of it!! We have most everything unpacked and in it's place, and we are adjusting to living with family. It has been a BLAST, but there has still been an adjustment time! We will get the hang of it though..

So..I have a couple more things to post on...so this is going to be like a mass posting..haha. But enjoy!

Friday, May 9, 2008


So, I am just about to disconnect our internet, so I thought that I would come and and say that we are MOVING!! We are moving today and tomorrow and should be done and moved in tomorrow evening. So I will not have the internet for a couple of days, but I will try to post once we are moved in to let you know that we are ok! Thanks all!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

One more for today...

Okay..so I can't get away without posting some pictures of bubba. Here are some from today. SO cute! His smile just melts our hearts!! It is to the point now that if he hears our voices, or if he sees us, he will just smile! And he talks all the time that he is awake now. And even though most people don't believe us..he has said his first word! The word is "hi". We will say it, and he will mimic us and say it back. We know he is doing this because we will switch to "a-goo" (Yes...the things you say as a parent, that is actually part of our vocabulary now) and he will try to repeat that also. We then switch back to "hi" and he will say it again. It is SO FREAKIN CUTE!! So here are some pics...

This is at the tail end of one of his grins...I was too focused on getting him to smile that I didn't have the camera up in time...(bad Tara)

"Mom...will you put the camera away already?"

And I think he is officially out of newborn clothes! This was a newborn and it was kind of snug on him. Most of his 0-3 month clothes are fitting pretty good, and he isn't even 2 months yet!! Everyone asks us how old he is, and when we tell them, they are always like "no way..he is so chubby!" And he is starting to get rolls on his legs and arms. SO adorable!! Anyway...enjoy!!


YAY!!!!! Sam walked on Saturday during the Utah State University John Huntsman School of Business Commencement Exercises!! We are SO excited that he is done!! (well...minus the two online classes that start Monday..) We had such a good time and I was SO proud of my hubby! It is kind of weird to not really have to think about school...not have to worry about what we are going to do next semester, how to pay for it and all of that. We just have to worry about finding a job in his field, and then it will just be work, and building my business. I can't tell you what a relief it is for him to be done! And he is the first in his family (not inlaws) to complete a Bachelors Degree. He got his BA in Finance and Economics. But we took some pictures of the occasion, so here you go!

Here Sam is shaking the hand of the Dean of the Business College. He was so funny, soon as he grabbed his hand, he turned and looked for me. Man..I have him trained!
Look at how happy he looks here! He was beaming through the whole thing.
You can't really see it here, but he is shaking Elder L. Tom Perry's hand! He spoke at the graduation, so all the graduates got to shake his hand, we were very jealous.

Now afterwards...since it was such a Beautiful day outside...Here is our little family. Yay!
This is everyone in Sam's family that attended. (sorry...I am not looking in this one..)
Here is those in my family that came (Tanielle had to work. And Jackie, Kaleigh, and Curtis were being my babysitters..)
And here we are with both of our parents. Yay! We haven't had a picture like this since our wedding almost 6 years ago!

Afterwards we went to Sizzler (one of Sam's favorite places to eat) and enjoyed a lunch together. I LOVE their salad bar...especially their ice cream with brownies. Yum!
So there you have it! He is pretty much DONE!! We are moving this weekend! We have a storage unit all ready to go, and we have a U-Haul reserved! Yikes!! I can't believe it is finally here! Now to just get Sam a good steady job so we can start preparing for the future more! Yay!!
Thanks everyone who showed up and celebrated our special day with us!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

I Am Legend

So...Sam and I decided that we would rent a couple of movies, and since I have had bloggers block the last few days, I thought that I would review them for you here. I will do my best not to spoil it for you...

I personally DID NOT like it! I am SO scared to go to sleep! I am afraid of the nightmares that I am going to have because of it! And I didn't even focus 100% on the movie. I was edited pictures while I was watching it. But there were parts that I covered my ears and my eyes, because I just didn't want to see it! And Sam would jump in some spots, so I know it scared him pretty good..he doesn't jump in movies too much.

The storyline was ok...some of it didn't make any sense to me, but I ADORE Will Smith as an actor, so I wanted to see it. Yeah..if you do NOT do well in scary movies, I would do my best to avoid this one! It was just too much for my overactive imagination to handle!

So there you have it, my review from the first movie we have rented in a LONG time!! We also rented Martian Child, so I will try to review that one when we watch it. Should be tomorrow or Saturday (maybe?). But now we are going to watch the Disney movie Robots to try and calm my mind down!

On another note, SAM IS DONE WITH THE SEMESTER!!! He only has 2 online classes to complete to get his diploma, but he walks on Saturday!! YaY!!! Tomorrow we have to finish cleaning more in our apartment and packing some, as we move in a week! Yikes! And we have a supervisory visit from our caseworker, and I am hoping to do 2 photoshoots tomorrow! We will see how it goes! Anyway...I think I have rambled on enough...now for my 1:00am snack...