Tuesday, May 10, 2016


So, back in February I had surgery for endometriosis. 
The surgery wasn't bad, and I've healed just fine from it. I think the hardest part was the part leading up to surgery. 

Well, here we go again. Only this anxiety is 100 times worse. Why? Because it's for one of my kids. 

I know how I will react to surgery. I don't know how they will. And the thought of them being in pain kills me. But the knowledge that it will help. That it will make his life easier and better is the driving force. 

Little Man has had strep throat 4 times since Christmas, RSV and was just diagnosed yesterday with a double ear infection. He has been constantly sick for the last year almost. He throws up when he cries, when he gags, or whenever something bothers his throat. He wakes up in the night gagging, and not being able to breathe.  We finally got a referral to an ENT at Primary Children's Hospital. We met with him, where they looked in his throat and nose and said that his tonsils are a 3-4 (when NOT sick) out of a scale of 1-4 (with 4 being they are big and they touch) Apparently when he's sick or when he coughs, his tonsils touch in back. He also said he would bet that his adenoids are huge, which is part of why he constantly has a runny nose, and why he breathes through his mouth. 

Surgery was recommended. Take out his tonsils and adenoids. 

So, surgery was scheduled for the end of this month. 3 weeks away. Well, they called and rescheduled with us so Surgery is next Monday. A week away. 

I know it's the right thing to do for him, but it scares the crap out of me. I know Primary's is the best place to have it done, and they will be keeping us over for at least one night to keep an eye on him and make sure that he does ok. So that's reassuring, but I still am not a fan. 

But here is to sleeping at night, not getting sick, being able to breathe normally, and hopefully not gagging on everything :)