Saturday, January 9, 2016

Want to build a...snowman?

We've been fortunate (eye roll) to have more snow this year than we've had the last couple of years. While it's beautiful and beneficial in building up our water supply for the summer, I would rather it stay in the mountains so I don't have to drive in it. 😳 

But alas, it makes it way down here and covers our lawn with a beautiful layer of white. Bubba always gets so excited about the snow. Yesterday, as soon as he got home from school he dressed up warm, so that as soon as Sam came home from work, they could go play. We got Little Man ready (he looked like a marshmallow, haha!) and off they went. 

They were going to build a snowman, but ended up building a Tuscan raider instead. Haha. At least they had fun. 😆 

On Christmas, Santa had brought both boys a goldfish. They were so excited. Bubba picked out which fish was his, and a week later, it was dead. SOOO, off we went and bought him a new fish. This one was a pleco. Again, he was so excited! And here we are, 3 days later and his fish is dead again. Little Man's fish must be a bully. 😕

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