Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Disneyland Day 1

I want to make sure I document this since this was one of the highlights of our year last year! 
In April, I had the honor of photographing a wedding in California. It was close to Los Angeles and not far from Disneyland! So, I took my sister Tanielle, and Bubba and we surprised Bubba with a few days in Disneyland. <3 nbsp="" p="">
We luckily have AMAZING friends who were able to help us with tickets. So I'm going to try and break it down into a couple of days at a time. :) 

The first day was a Thursday and we drove part of the way to Las Vegas. We made a stop in St George for these amazing cookies. Swig cookies are seriously heaven on earth. Ha! 

We ate our cookies walking around the gorgeous St George Temple grounds. It was nice and warm! 

Vegas Baby! 

We woke up Friday and drove the rest of the way to California. We stayed in a hotel less than 5 minutes away from Disneyland, but we decided to hit the beach first! On our way to Newport Beach. 

We saw this seal and we thought it was dead. We came back by, and it was moving all around. Bubba thought that was so cool. He STILL had no idea that we were going to Disneyland.

We loved the beach. :) 

Saturday I spend the day photographing a wedding and had an amazing time! The wedding was gorgeous and I loved spending time with my bride and groom! Came back and ordered pizza and ate it late into the night. I could barely sleep I was so excited to surprise Bubba! 

Sunday we went and saw the Newport Beach Temple, and we spend more time at a beach. We went and saw tide pools and looked for shells. 

We finally went back and were RIGHT across the street from California Adventure and he STILL didn't know. We were waiting to meet up with Patty and Brian who spent time with us the next few days. 

We checked into the hotel and he kept point out little things about it being Disney themed (We stayed in one of the Disney Hotels) When I finally surprised him with the tickets, he giggled and was so happy and wanted to head right over! So, off we went! 

That smile made it completely worth it. :) 

Tanielle is having so much fun! 

A Bugs Life ride. He loved it. 

One last ride before we head back to the hotel. 

Tomorrow I will post about the rest of the trip. Gosh, this makes me want to go back! Who wants to go with me?

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