Monday, December 12, 2016

2 Weeks To Go...

2 weeks left until surgery.

I've been doing WAY to much research (and by research I mean google and Facebook groups being the main source..) on what's involved in this surgery.

Did you know that it's like 3 major surgeries in 1? Crazy! They will be taking out 4-6 organs. That just sounds intense to me.

But then days like today (cramping from my PCOS and Endo acting up) make me REALLY wish I didn't have to wait another 2 weeks for this! I can't wait to not be dealing with the pain every day from it all. I can't wait to not have to worry about going out at any point in time. I can't wait to get part of my life back.

Then, I'm not ready to lose that hope I've been holding on to for the last 14+ years of bearing children.

Definitely a fight between heart and brain. :/

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