Friday, November 15, 2013

new home

well, we are moved as of a couple of weeks ago into our new home. 

we finally got internet hooked up this week. 
we have bubba in his new school and he is very excited to be there. 
he gets to ride a bus home from school every day. 
i can't tell you what that does to this momma's heart. 
but he does it, and he loves it.  
apparently he sits by a girl names megan. 
and he chases her at recess. 

we are becoming accustomed to our house, the sounds that it makes, and the sounds we don't hear. 
we are away from neighbors (as in, we don't share a wall with them!) and we love it! 
last night, sam and i watched "white house down" and we turned the sounds system up. 
and nobody complained. 

we have a kitchen, and i've been able to cook some meals in it, which makes sam happy. 
he gets leftovers for lunch. :) 

our ward was split the sunday that we got here. 
it was split from having over 700 active members
to 536. 
it's still huge. 

our neighbors are wonderful, and we've chatted with them at various times, and they brought us dinner just after we moved in. 
i think we'll be friends. 

but...despite all this love and excitement we have for our new home. 
we miss our other one. 
not so much the apartment, but the neighborhood, the friends, and family. 
it's very true when someone says "home is where your heart is"

i guess i don't feel like my heart is out here yet. 
it's still back out in layton. 
i miss my friends that i would hang out with as often as we could. 
i miss the routine that we were in. 
and i miss my family. 

very much so. 

the last couple of days as we've tried to get into a routine here, i have felt lonely. 
i crave for someone to sit and chat with. 
i used to think that i would be happy staying by ourselves the rest of our lives. 
but i need social interaction. 

this will get easier. 

and i know that we have it easy. a lot of people i know aren't even close to their families (michelle, how's england? :))
so an hour away shouldn't be so bad. 

i guess it's just hard adjusting when we would go over to my parents 

but we will find friends, and we will love it out here!
i am sure of it. :) 

but in the meantime, just know we are still here
trying to get into a routine. :) 

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Michelle said...

What, you post about your house, but NO PICTURES!?

And I get you with lonely! I wish we could chat together! ;) Love you. You will adjust and then you will wonder how you will ever move on when the time comes! Love you!1