Thursday, February 7, 2013

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I would like to open up a little bit of me for you.
This is my wonderful little family. I am thankful for them EVERY.SINGLE.DAY. There isn't anything I wouldn't do for them. And I also look at them as a proud accomplishment. I worked HARD for this little family. I gave my body and dignity up to injections, surgeries, ultrasounds, doctor visits, medication, and  multiple disappointment to get this little family. We have endured 10+ years of infertility, multiple rounds of IUI's, 3 rounds of IVF, and 3 miscarriages.
I can't birth kids of my own. We've been told by 3 different doctors that it isn't possible. It would literally take a miracle.
This little man, came to our family through the wonderful gift of adoption. And I won't go a single day without expressing my thanks to God for him, and his wonderful momma. I would NOT be living my dream without them. I can't express my feelings for adoption. It has blessed my life like nothing else can. I know there are a lot of differing opinions on it, and everyone deserves their opinion. But, I would not be where I am without it. And his momma? She is a WONDERFUL person who we still keep in contact with. We love her, and consider her part of our family.
Well...we absolutely love our family of three, but know there are other littles out there for our family. So, we are trying to adopt again. It's been a long process. We completed the paperwork 1.5 years ago. We've had ups, and downs. We've had hopeful situations not work out, and we've recently been scammed.  It's not easy. And I won't lie, some days I HATE the wait. Most days though, I look forward to our future with SO much hope.
But there are still strains with adopting.
If you aren't aware, adoption costs range anywhere from $7K to $50K and up. Depending on the agency. That can be a huge chunk of change.So we are asking for help to offset some of the costs of adoption. But don't worry, we have something to offer :) We have set up a page where you can purchase prints of your choice.

 You  can go HERE to view and purchase prints.

We have a variety of photos that you are welcome to purchase and 100% of the profit will go towards an adoption. I absolutely HATE asking for money, so we thought this was a win/win where you can purchase something pretty for your home, and it would be going to a good cause.
If you don't see a photo that you would like printed, but still would like to contribute, we won't say no. :) You can click on the donate link on the right side bar --------->>

Thank you so much for helping us grow our family. I hope you enjoy your prints in your home, and that is makes you smile whenever you look at it. 

if you are suffering from infertility, or are going through adoption. please feel free to contact us. we love to help out however we can, and want you to know you aren't alone. :) 

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