Friday, January 25, 2013

half? step? who cares?

what is a half sister? 
what is a step brother? 
what is a full sibling? 

as adults we know the answers. 
one set of dna from one of the same parents, children from another marriage brought into the current marriage, and children with the same biological mom and dad. 

kids don't know this. 
according to small children, they don't care. 
i've seen this recently. 

and they're right. 


aren't we all children of our Heavenly Father? 
doesn't that make us all brother's and sisters? 
i know there are rolls that we have to follow here on earth (you now, parent/child/grandparents/etc)
but aren't we all siblings?
so why does it matter if we don't use the proper "labeling"?

if we had to label each child for how they came to earth, 
my children would never be siblings. 
they will most likely never have the same dna as their siblings. 
so wouldn't that make them step children to each other, and to sam and i?


i can't accept that. 
i won't accept that. 

my children will be my children. my sons and daughters. 
my children will be siblings. 
full brother and sister. 
no matter HOW they come into our family. 

we are ALL a giant family. 
we are ALL children of God. 
we are ALL brother and sister. 

let's act like it. 

and maybe i'm off in my thinking.
and i know that there are a lot of people who won't agree with me.
but that's ok.
i respect your thoughts, so please respect mine. :) 

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mandy_moo said...


I totally agree with you!! :D We are so quick to use labels in this culture.