Wednesday, December 19, 2012


i've been avoiding you
i haven't known what to write, what to portray, what to disclose. 

le sigh. 

but i am here. it's a week before christmas, and we are settling in to enjoy our last bit of the year. 
work is pretty much caught up. 
bubba is almost done with pre-school for the year.
we are excited for 2013 and what the possibilities are. 

let's start with the most exciting news so far. 
that's right. 
he got a job again, and we are getting back into the routine of a schedule. 
i admit that after six months of not being employed it's hard letting him go back to work. 
i have to clean. 
i have to cook. 
i have to shop. 
(yes. sam did all of those while he was home. yes, i hit the jackpot in my marriage choice :)) 
but it's good. he's enjoying it, and we are enjoying the benefits of him working again. 

bubba is over 4.5 now, and i can't believe he will be 5 in just a few months.  he's the highlight of my world. he makes me laugh, smile, melt, etc. he has an imagination that will leave your head spinning. :) 
seriously. you don't need t.v., with what comes out of his mind, you will be endlessly entertained. 
i love it. 
i don't ever want it to change. 
in a way, i don't want him to know reality. 
his world is so much better. 
and it's protected by armor, so bad guys can't get us. 
who wouldn't want that? :) 

he's loving pre-school, and he's learned a lot the last little bit. 
i can't wait until we can get a sibling for him. 
he will be an amazing big brother. 
we are hanging in there and we are so thankful for everything that we have. 
we truly are blessed, and our hearts are full. 
the Lords answers prayers. 
He hears us. 
and even though we get frustrated that things aren't happening on OUR schedule. 
things somehow work out. 
and i am blessed. 
just look at those two faces above. 
how could i not be?! 


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